Zorbit’s Math Adventure Game, Makes Learning Math Fun and Easy!

zorbit's Math adventure game

Kids learn much faster when they’re having fun and one of my kids’ favorite things to do, is play video games either on  my Ipad or Iphone, so when I heard about Zorbit’s Math Adventure game, which teaches math, of course I couldn’t wait for my kids to try it, but  wasn’t expecting for my 4 year old to love it so much!

Zorbit's math adventure

Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a new educational iPad/iPhone game that develops concepts such as counting, characterizing shapes and colors in children ages 3+, but what makes it so fun is the characters with quirky personalities that narrate a story. Zorbit is all about teaching  through story and play using high-quality 3D graphics and if the kid gets correct answer, watch the video and see how much fun and educational Zorbit’s Math Adventure is!

Motivation is a huge part of Zorbit’s Math Adventure, because if the kid gets the correct answer, Zorbit praises them with stars and stickers, my boy spend 1 full hour trying to get as many stickers as he could.

zorbit's math adventure

So when my 4 year old asks for my Ipad or Iphone to play Zorbit’s Math Adventure, I can’t say no, because I know Zorbit is preparing him with the math skills he need to be successful when he enters kindergarten next year.

The game is now available on the App Store for $3.99, get it today and introduce your little one to math in a very fun and exciting way!

This is not a sponsored post, I received the App for free to help me write this review.


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