Why I Love Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.

Like a lot of you housewives, I don’t like washing dishes (some women, don’t understand why) My point is that since i switched to Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, I reduced the time I spend washing the dishes and of course have more time for ME!!!

The 3 NEW Products of the the Powerful Lineup of Dawn are:

-       Dawn Power Clean

-       Dawn Bleach Alternative

-       Dawn OXI

These products cut grease and dissolve tough foods without the effort of elbow grease! I’m not lying. The other day made mole and didn’t have time to wash the saucepan that night, so the next morning I thought I was going to have to soak it  overnight to get rid of all the grease, but guess what? 5 minutes after I put a few drops of Dawn OXI, the grease was GONE!! and without much of an effort I was able to get rid of the mess in a couple of minutes. Is like Dawn is washing the dishes for you!

Another thing is, they smell great! My favorite is  Dawn Power Clean  in Refreshing Rain!




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