What’s a Modern Latin Family o Familia De Hoy?

La familia de hoy

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Family is everything to me and I have a big one! I’m the oldest of 5 kids so my house was always full, there was yelling, laud laughs, the house always smelled delicioso! Because my grandmother used to come over to our house to cook very often, there was always music playing, the only moment of silence was at night, but I loved it!

It was so much fun growing in a big family.

Since I got married, the situation is a bit different, my husband and I only have 2 children, two gorgeous and funny boys, so my house is not as loud but it’s a happy family, a happy Modern Latin Family o La Familia de Hoy, which to me means:

Working together as a family to make it work!

My husband and I work full time so I rely A LOT on my mom, ants, sisters to take care of my 5 & 6 year old when I have to travel, it also means to inculcate the Latin culture in our children by keeping our traditions alive and celebrating them together. La Familia de Hoy looks for each other and are together in good and bad times and although some members might have their differences they don’t let minor  details ruined their relationship.

There’s nothing more important in life than your Familia, that’s what La Familia de Hoy means to me.

Johnson & Johnson and Univision have launched a campaign to find an authentic, modern and active family to become “La Familia de Hoy.”there are  three families selected to compete for the title of “La Familia de Hoy” and become the spokesfamily for Johnson & Johnson in 2014. All three families should be celebrated but I voted  for the Jiménez family because they remind me of my BIG family and their sense of family union which it has always being a #1 ingredient at my house, plus Pixie, reminds me of my grandmother, who was also from Chiapas, Mexico, was a fantastic cook and raised almost by herself (My grandfather travel a lot) 2 girls.

Let me introduce you to the Jiménez family who are as big as the love that binds them together. Los Jiménez,  who are predominantly Mexican, are composed of three families whose houses are connected by their backyards.

La familia de hoy

In the first house lives grandma Neydi and her oldest son, Juan, together with his wife Bivianna, from Colombia, and their kids Elisa (11), Diego (9) and Benicio (5).

la familia de hoy

In the second house lives Juan’s brother, Alejandro, with his wife Patricia and their children Pablo (4), Lily (2) and Leonardo, who will be born in January 2014. They’re also joined by Nut, a bulldog whose favorite hobby is playing soccer.

la familia de hoy

In the third house we’ll find brother Andrés, with his wife Pixie and their daughters Andrea (3) and Danitza (21 months).

la familia de hoy

What do you think it takes to be a

Modern Latin Family today or La Familia de Hoy?

Log on to Univision.com and vote for your favorite family and help them become the spokesfamily for Johnson & Johnson in 2014. Go to vote for your favorite family!


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