What Moms really want this Mother’s Day is a Samsung Galaxy Camera

This is not a paid post, I received a Samsung Galaxy Camera for review from Verizon Wireless but as always my opinion is my own.

samsung Galaxy the perfect mother's day gift

Do you want HER to scream “OMG!” when she opens her gift this Mother’s Day? Do you want HER to hug you, kiss you and  every time she “Clicks” to remember  you with LOVE! Give HER a Samsung Galaxy Camera, the best gift she could ever get!

Samsung galaxy camera

Since I received a Samsung Galaxy Camera it has never been so easier and FUN to take pictures and here are the reasons why:

  • Takes professional looking images with modes such as; Landscape, Sunset,Snow, Continuous Shot,  Best Photo, Beauty Face.

Samsung Galaxy Camera modes

  • Night, Action freeze, Best Face, Panorama and many more, that make you feel like a professional photographer with every click.

Samsung Galaxy camera modes 2

  • Transform your pictures into pieces of art with applications like; Photo Wizard and Paper Artist.

Galaxy camera modes 3

  • Make Photo Grids like this one in an instant

galaxy camera photo grid

Baseball PhotoGrid_1362874931367

  • Distances are no problem with Samsung Galaxy Camera since it has a  21x Super Long Zoom is 100 percent optical. This picture below was taken while taking off from Orlando, the picture on top is the real distance and the lower picture is after Zooming in, see how crystal and  clear the image is? It’s truly amazing!

Galaxy camera 21x zoom

samsung galaxy camera review

  • It’s a Smart Camera you can even talk to her and tell her what you need her to do, with words like “Smile”, “Cheese”, “Capture”, “Shoot” “Record Video”, “Timer” “Beauty face”, “Zoom in and out”

samsung galaxy camera review

  • Best of all you can share all your images and videos in an instant because Samsung Galaxy Camera has Wi-Fi so you can take a picture and email it or shoot video and share it on social media.

Galaxy camera connectivity

  • Moms are all about organizationSamsung Galaxy Camera allows you to create folders and organize your photos and with a click storage them in Picasa or saving them into the “Cloud”
  • And that’s not all, Samsung Galaxy camera has a stunning 4.8″ HD display and various applications!

Samsung galaxy display

Seriously, I’ve never had so much fun taking pictures. So if you want to make HER happy this Mother’s Day, there’s nothing better than Samsung Galaxy Camera, from a Mom to a husband, daughter, son or loved one.

To learn more about this amazing camera watch these videos where I take you step by step on how the camera works:


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  1. ·Plus with the camera’s Smart Content Manager, it’s never been easier for mom to manage all family photos right on the device.

  2. So it’s an awesome camera and a fully functioning tablet device! I even have Netflix on it. It also has Instagram, Facebook, and all my e-mail accounts on it! You can set it to vibrate or beep when you get a message or notification and you can download any app you want right through the Google PlayStore. You got it, it’s the next big thing.