Types, Symptoms and Consequences of Diabetes.

1 in 2 children born in the year 2000, will have diabetes, this according to a study from the National Council of La Raza, a lot them will arrive at hospitals because the diabetes wasn’t detected early enough and the child has severe health problems, that’s why prevention and early detection is so important.

Diabetes Type 1 Vs. Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 1, which is basically when the pancreas stops producing insulin, “This type of diabetes is genetic and we still don’t know what causes it, “ says Vanesa Aldaz, clinical dietitian at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California.

On the other hand, Diabetes type 2, even though it could be hereditary it’s preventable, because the cause is bad eating habits, sedentary life and obesity, “A lot of kids live a ‘Fast Food Life’ this is very dangerous,” says Aldaz.

Diabetes Symptoms and Consequences

 The most common symptoms are:

  •  Frequent Urination
  • Overwhelming Thirst
  • Hunger
  • Weight Loss
  • Fatigue

“But some children don’t show any symptoms and during a doctor’s visit they discovered the child has high levels of sugar in his blood.” That’s why it’s so important that the child goes to the doctor on regular basis and in the case of any symptoms they should ask their doctor, because some of the consequences of diabetes could be irreversible specially in children, “Heart diseases, kidney it could even affect the child’s growth and in some cases death, “ says Aldaz.

A new study also discovered that stress could also be the cause of diabetes, “If you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, are obese and live under stress, this could cause diabetes,” says the dietitian.

Today 346 million people around the world suffer from diabetes and for the year 2030 every 10 seconds 3 more people will have diabetes, making this illness the seventh cause of death in the world.

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