Turbo to Sucess!


When I heard about the movie TURBO from DreamWorks Animation I was extremely excited because I knew my 2 boys where going to like it, but I never thought they were going to LOVE IT!

turbo review

Turbo is about a little snail who dreams of racing, his dream is to race cars, how cute is the story!

Turbo And the best part is that his dream comes true when he accidentally is gifted with super speed and becomes “Turbo-Charged.”

The director and screenwriter of Turbo, David Soren a father himself and who I had the chance to interview a couple of  months ago told us he got the idea for the movie from his son, who loves cars and snails, he also described the film as a mix of racing cars and superheroes , the perfect mix to be a hit with my boys.

Any kid will identify himself with Turbo from the beginning of the movie, where we see the snail who is voiced by Ryan Reynolds watching an auto race on TV and imagining himself racing along with them, something I’ve seen my boys do many times.

Things get very interesting when ,“Thanks” to an accident Turbo  is exposed to a chemical that changes him forever.


Turbo’s brother Chet is voiced by Paul Giamatti, who is the conservative and precautious one and thinks his brother’s dream is the craziest thing in the whole world.


Turbo  teaches children about  the importance of perseverancet and to follow your dreams as impossible they might seem.


 Turbo gets even funnier when he meets  a group of racing snails and is then when he discovers his new talent, his special  super speed power and things start to get very interesting and entertaining.


Turbo includes an amazing cast, not only I love Ryan Reynolds for things that have nothing to do with his voice, but Paul Giamatti  it’s a great actor and the film includes other big names like Maya Rudolph,  Luis Guzman, Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, Michael Peña even Snoop Dogg and Ken Jeong, who is  the voice of a woman, how hilarious is that

5 reasons Why I love Turbo?

  • The story has a great message; No little or small dream is impossible! If you really want something it will come true.
  • It’s hillarious, children and adults will laugh.
  • You can’t take your eyes off the screen! At some point during the movie I realized I was biting my nails when Turbo was racing at the Indianapolis 500.
  • DreamWorks Animation, did it again because the 3D Animation it’s out of this world, seriously, you’ll feel you’re raicing along Turbo.
  • The Latino flavor, I love that DreamWorks gave Latin character such a big role in this movie, Tito, voiced y Michael Peña a Taco truck driver is the one who helps Turbo fulfill his dream of becoming a racer, as a Latina I love to see Latinos playing big and positive roles!

Turbo will be on the start line on  theaters July 19th! Don’t miss it!

Follow Turbo along the track:



This is not a sponsored post, I received 4 tickets for a Turbo screening, but as always my opinion is solely my own.

Photos provides by photo © DreamWorks Animation LLC.


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  1. Thanks for the thorough review! The movie looks really cute. I love when kid movies are just as enjoyable for adults.

  2. I can’t wait to see this! I love all the celeb voices!

  3. Linsey K says:

    Cool! My kids have been asking about this. Glad to know it’s good!

  4. We are so excited to see this movie!!! We’ve seen the preview a few times now and our entire family wants to see it. I didn’t realize that it opens now!! I’m sure we will see it before the week is over!

  5. Justine Burgess says:

    looks like a super-cute movie!