Turbo from DreamWorks is coming to theaters this July

Being the mother  of two boys , the words race, racing and speed are very common at my house, you know with boys is everything about speed, they race with spoons, food, anything you can think of, so  I couldn’t be more excited when I heard  about the upcoming movie TURBO from DreamWorks Animation.


Turbo is about a little snail who dreams of racing, his dream is to race cars, how cute is the story! And the best part is that his dream comes true when he accidentally is gifted with super speed and becomes “Turbo-Charged.”

During “The Croods” Parents Blogger Summit at the DreamWorks studio, I had the chance to watch two clips of the film and let me tell you, amazing animation, awesome story with a great message, your kids will love it, I know mine will!

The director and screenwriter of Turbo, David Soren a father himself, when introducing the clips, told us he got the idea for the movie from his son, who loves cars and snails, he also described the film as a mix of racing cars ad superheroes , the perfect mix to be a hit with my boys.

Any kid will identify himself with Turbo from the beginning of the movie, where we see the snail who is voiced by Ryan Reynolds watching an auto race on TV and imagining himself racing along with them, something I’ve seen my boys do many times.


Things get very interesting when ,“Thanks” to an accident Turbo  is exposed to a chemical that changes him forever.


In this clip we also meet his brother Chet voiced by Paul Giamatti, who is the conservative and precautious one and thinks his brother’s dream is the craziest thing in the whole world.


I loved this first clip because it teaches children about  the importance of being perseverant and to follow your dreams as impossible they might seem.


In the second clip, Turbo is introduced to a group of racing snails and Turbo discovers his new talent, his special  super speed power and things start to get very interesting and entertaining.


3 reasons Why I love Turbo?

  • The story has a great message,  No dream is impossible. If you really want something it will come true.
  • DreamWorks Animation, did it again because the 3D Animation it’s out of this world.
  • Amazing cast, not only I love Ryan Reynolds for things that have nothing to do with his voice, but Paul Giamatti  it’s a great actor and the film includes other big names like Maya Rudolph,  Luis Guzman, Samuel L. Jackson, even Snoop Dogg and Ken Jeong, who is  the voice of a woman, how hilarious is that!

Turbo will be on the start line on  theaters July 2013.

Follow Turbo along the track:



Learn more about the new film from DreamWorks Animation “The Croods” in theaters March 22nd  and their upcoming movie Mr.Peabody & Sherman in theathers in 2014.

Photos provides by photo © DreamWorks Animation LLC.

Thanks  to 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation for inviting us to The Croods Parent Blogger Summit where I saw a sneak peek of Turbo.


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  1. Megan says:

    My son would also be all over this. How fun!

  2. It does look like a fun little film. Why is it that all the best films seem to be animated these days?

  3. I can’t wait to watch this movie. It was one of my favorites.

  4. Brigitta says:

    Hmm, sounds like a good one for my husband to take our 6 year old to. Not a lot of choices for kids’ movies at theaters lately, they haven’t been in awhile. Thank for the info!

  5. Turbo is the project that I knew the least about coming into the presentation, meaning that I knew of its existence, and little else. After seeing today’s footage, this could very well be one of the biggest hits of the summer. Ryan Reynolds stars as the title character, a snail who is obsessed with being a race car driver, which is obviously ironic due to the nature of his existence. He lives in a snail community (i.e. a front lawn in the San Fernando Valley) with his brother Chet ( Paul Giamatti ), the realist who wants his sibling to ditch his need for speed. To kick things off, we were shown the first scene of the movie, where we see Turbo’s obsession with racing, as he watches the Indianapolis 500 and pushes himself to the limit in his own one-meter dash… which he accomplishes in a record-breaking 17 minutes. Then we see how Turbo finally gets a chance to live up to his name in the next scene, after he falls onto a souped-up car during a street race. When he gets sucked into the car, he becomes immersed in nitrous gas in a Spider-Man -like sequence which changes the very fiber of his slow being. Much like Peter Parker, Turbo has to adapt to these new abilities including super speed and eye-headlights. We also see members of an underground snail racing crew in the next scene, which also highlights the diverse voice cast. Turbo and Chet are caught by a taco truck driver ( Michael Peñ ) who races snails with a host of shady characters on the side. This is where we first get to see what Turbo can really do with his new abilities, which intrigues the other racers voiced by Snoop Dogg and Samuel L. Jackson . Together, they all journey to the Indianapolis 500 to help Turbo live out his dream. I was able to sit down with director David Soren after the footage, who was inspired by both his racing-obsessed six-year-old child and the growing number of snails in his front yard to create this animated tale.