Top 20 Toys for your kids and take advantage of Layaway at Walmart

As a mom of 2 boys I have toys requests every single day, so I want to have all the information I can to make a wise decision before I decide to buy that car or board game, that’s why I was extremely excited when I found out Walmart unveiled the Top 20 toys List which includes; LeapPad2, Air Hogs Over Assault Radio-Controlled Helicopter, Barbie Sisters Cruise Ship, Hot Wheels Terrain Twister R/C Vehicle and many more…


You might not think so, but we have to start thinking about our children’s Christmas wish list, yes Santa is coming to town in 97 days! So before you start writing to Papa Noel here’s the complete list of Walmart’s Top 20 toys List which are available now at Walmart stores and you can take advantage of Walmart’s layaway program!

I remember going to the stores with my mom and seeing her choosing toys and Christmas gifts and leaving them at a a desk in the store, at that time I didn’t really understand, while I was growing up I did and when I became a mom, I love it! Yes I’m talking about , LAYAWAY and it’s back at  Walmart, what does this mean?

  • If you put a toy on layaway and Walmart rolls back the price later in the season, Walmart will honor the rolled-back price if it is in effect at the time of final payment.
  • Walmart will also match competitor pricing during checkout for layaway products through its ad match policy.
  • Customers will be able to pick up their toys once they complete their layaway payments. Once completed, customers will receive a full refund of the $5 layaway open fee on a Walmart gift card.

Isn’t this great! It really makes Christmas shopping or shopping in general  more enjoyable! And easy, here’s how it works:

  • You like a product.
  • Open a layaway account for $5
  • Make a down payment of either $10 or 10% of the item price, (whichever is greater)
  • Pay as you go

Before you know it, that awesome bike for your kid, new TV for your husband or comforter for your bed it’s yours!

Disclosure: This is a Non-Paid post as always my opinion is solely my own.

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