Tips to Motivate Kids to Stay Active and Healthy During Cold Weather

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tips to keep kids active and healthy
I exercise every day-if I don’t do it I don’t feel myself. I love to either run, lift weights, squats, abs, etc.. but I know some people need more motivation to get up and get active.

tips to keep kids active during winter
Even when traveling, if for any reason I can’t do my workouts, I find ways to be active with my children. Hiking it’s one of our favorite activities! Work schedule, busy life with the kids, it’s too hot, too cold, are some of the EXCUSES to not exercise and I say EXCUSES because that’s what they are! If we really want to, we can always find the time to do any kind of activity.

Tips to keep kids active during cold days
And what more motivation do you need to be active then your kids! The sooner you start teaching them the importance of exercising every day, the better! And as we approach the cold season it gets harder to do physical activity outdoors, that’s why Here are a few tips on how to motivate kids to stay active and eat healthy in the colder months.

Motivate Them To Stay Active!

Tips to keep kids active during cold season

Find Out What They Like To do – There are plenty of after school activities, but not all of them are for all kids. Find out what kind of activity your children like to do, whether it’s soccer, baseball, dancing, gymnastics, jump rope, rock climbing, etc.., and sign them up. If they enjoy doing it, they are going to want to do it every day. Your daughter won’t necessarily like dancing because you were a dancer when younger, she might like baseball!

Make Them Earn Video Game Time To be active, we have to limit the amount of TV and video games our children have to one to two hours per day. We can use this to motivate them to get active. Tell them if they want to play video games for one hour, first they have to be active for one hour! If kids must have video games, invest in the kind that requires physical movement to play.

Turn up the volume! Play some of their favorite tunes, and let them dance freely around the room! My kids and I play freeze dance as well!

Utilize Exercise Videos/DVDs Exercise videos for children are very affordable and there are plenty! And if you don’t want to spend any money, your local library may have an assortment of children’s workout videos to choose from.

Get Creative! Play Some Indoor Games Kids love when we parents come up with new ideas and play with them! You can have a  race climbing the stairs at your house and create twists to make it more challenging- try  jumping or taking multiple stairs at a time. You can also build an electric line game, freeze dance game or number pass game. Take proper precautions and be careful when playing indoor games, safety is always first!

Get the Jacket and Play Outside.Unless the freezing outside, grab a jacket and play outdoors for a little bit. Play tag, soccer, baseball, hide and seek  and sweat! Afterwards go back inside and snuggle together, you’ll all feel a lot better!

Fuel up and play 60
These are just some of my own tips I use at home but the new Spanish-language resources on the website en español offers a lot of tips you, your kids’ school and community can easily apply in everyday life to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Tips to keep kids active during cold season en español! It is great program where parents, students, teachers and communities can learn about easy and fun ways to eat healthier and stay active, while in school and at home. And now, all the information is available en español! Check out this infographic about what you, your school and community can achieve with the Fuel Up to Play 60 program!

FUTP60 Infographic Final 9.2 - 1
Be Active Yourself!

This is the most important tip, you have to lead by example! You can’t tell your kids to get off the couch and get active if you are sitting down watching Telenovelas! My two boys see me enjoying physical activity and they ask me to join in. We go for runs, walk together, do exercise videos or we play tennis together. Kids want to be like us, let’s be our best so they are as well!

tips to keep kids active and healthy during winter

Motivate Them Eat Healthy!

With all the fresh produce available in the summer, it can seem easier to eat healthy during the warmer months, even for me! But cold days don’t have to mean eating a whole bag of cookies! Of course, you can still eat cookies but you have to eat healthy food as well.

tips to keep kids healthy during winter

Have Healthy Foods  at Their Fingertips. In my kitchen, I have two bowls of fruit, this way my kids know they can eat it anytime they want to. Since it is right on the table, they just grab that apple or banana. I always have yogurt in refrigerator, so when they’re hungry and open it, it’s the first thing they grab. This way, instead of reaching out for a something unhealthy, they reach out for milk or grapes. Also it’s very important you have fruit at home your children like, otherwise they won’t eat it.

Fun Activity as a Reward Instead of Candy. When I was a girl, I remember my mom telling me, “If you eat your vegetables you can have a candy,” which might be the reason for my sweet tooth after meals. With my boys, instead of candy I promise a fun activity such as: “If you eat your broccoli, I’ll play a board game with you” or “we can all play tag together.”

Get Creative in The Kitchen. Kids get bored very easy, even when it comes to their meals, so if you cook the same thing every day it will be harder for them to get excited about it. If your child refuses to eat veggies, mix them. For example, chop the broccoli or carrots and mix it with pasta, this way your child will start training his taste buds for vegetables and eventually he/she will like them.

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Mean No Sweets! You can still eat brownies, cookies, a delicious hot chocolate will all love during cold days, just do it all in moderation and when preparing them yourself, try to use healthy ingredients.

Tips to keep kids active during cold season

On the Fuel Up to Play 60 website you’ll find tips on:

  • Ways to have a healthy breakfast at school or on the go.
  • How to be creative when preparing our kids’ lunches so they’ll eat them!
  • How to help other parents to have a healthy lifestyle

With Fuel Up to Play 60, there is no excuse for not knowing how to adopt a healthy lifestyle,they have a lot of resources for parents on how to help our children at school and home, Click here to print out a take-home guide en español on how to get healthy at school and home.

Fuel Up To Play 60 on Social Media!

Don’t wait anymore! visit en español! and start providing a healthy lifestyle to your family! Remember, Healthy Mom, healthy kid!

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