Tips and Games For Kids’ Sick Days and How To Avoid Getting the Flu

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tips and games for kids' sick days
Having 2 boys six and seven years old, I know what is like to have them at home sick, it breaks my heart to see them not feeling well and lots of times there’s not much I can do to make them feel better, specially when is the cold or flu, but there are steps you can take to help ensure you and your family stay well in the
last stretch of cold before spring.

Tips to avoid getting sick pediacare
Avoid night visits to the store

  • Make sure you have all the supplies you might need in case someone gets sick, this way you don’t send the husband  to a store in the middle of the night, here’s what you should make sure you have at home:
  • Thermometer, make sure is working. If you’re not sure, buy a new one.
  • Tissues are a must!
  • Sanitizer are another must to avoid getting everyone else sick.

Good hand washing, one of the best habits

  • Teach good hand washing to your children, not only with water but with soap that contains at least  62% isopropyl alcohol. Frequent hand washing is  the most effective ways to keep cold viruses from spreading.
  • In my bag and car I always carry mini hand sanitizers and use them on me and kids frequently.

Immunizations can save lives

  • I know immunizations are a controversial topic right now, personally I did my research and I’m for immunizations, my children have all the ones they need. During the cold season they get their flu vaccine as well, is the best way to prevent pneumonia and ear infections for example.

Got Milk?

  • Make sure your children lots of milk, Vitamin D is the best way to reduce children’s risk of getting a cold.  If your children don’t  like milk, no worries, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should take at least 400 IU of vitamin D a day  an amount found in most children’s multivitamins.

A good night sleep goes a long way!

  • Make sure your children are getting a good night’s sleep, between 10-11 hours! It’s recommended for children

We can take all these precautions, even try to put our kids inside a bubble to avoid illnesses, but our chidlren interact and touch dozens of kids everyday so sometimes is impossible to avoid a runny nose, a little cough or a light fever.

PediaCare_CoughandRunnyNose copy
As mom I only want to make him feel better and I have found out that PediaCare® products do help my boys feel much better and it helps them sleep through the night and not miss so many days of school. Don’t wait until he’s extremely sick to give him medicine, when your little one starts showing signs of illness, give him PediaCare® products according to his/her age.

When to call the doctor?

When my kids were younger I would call their doctor for everything! That’s why it was very beneficial to learn that it’s normal for a child to have 3 days of fever in the beginning of a cold. However, if the fever lasts any longer than 4 days or returns later, it could signal a bacterial infection.

What Dosage should I give my child?

Click here to download the PediaCare® dosage chart, which helps you match your child’s symptoms with one of their products. When using the chart, it’s best to weigh your child first to determine proper dosing of PediaCare® products. If weight is not known, use age.

So go to your medicine cabinet and make sure you have all the survival supplies to get through the cold and flu season. To help you stock up on supplies , here’s a $1 off coupon  to purchase PediaCare’s Cough & Runny Nose plus Acetaminophen at your local Dollar General. CLICK HERE TO GET THE COUPON

Children are Sick and are driving me crazy!!

I know that feeling, that’s why I came up with this 3 games to play with the children at home when sick or even during rainy days, my boys had so much fun, try them next time you’re at home wiping noses all day! WATCH THE VIDEO!

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