The Terrible Twos. Are they really that terrible?

You have a 1 year old and everyone tells you, “Are you ready for the “Terrible Twos?” so know you’re worrie

Jackie Garrido, our Educational Psychologist, Kindergarten Teacher and mother of 3 tells you why “The Terrible Twos” are NOT that Terrible.

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  1. Teresina says:

    I think the terrible part means that it is Terrible to parents caught unguarded and dealing with changes of this age : the curiosity of the child transforms into what happens if I throw my toy in the toilet or pour maple syrup ? and the independent factor to identify the things you “can ” and have a choice and the things you “must do” that sometimes leads to tantrums or fits. They are measuring how far they go .So my suggestion is extra supervision (the feel powerful and can not measure danger), extra patience , let them in the small harmless thing like wearing their favorite pair of shoes everyday !!! respect them, be firm on what you say by this age they know right from wrong in many ways so choose your battles, negotiate if its something minor that won’t harm them , like 5 extra minutes playing, “but after that we leave and we will be back another day.” and DO leave , and REALLY Come back another day and make a reference on keeping your part , or else they wont believe the next negotiation.