The power of reading, how books can change your child’s brain

We all know a reading habit it’s extremely beneficial and it’s important to start cultivating the love for books in our kids as early as possible so they become good students and here’s another reason, reading can change our children’s brain, it can make their brains bigger and thicker, that means smarter kids!
In this segment of the Teacher Says… Child Psychologist and Preschool Owner Janette Castillo explains.

Janette Castillo, graduated in Child Psychology from Ashford University in Iowa. She worked as a teacher in Mexico for two years and two years in China. After learning the language she decided to bring home everything that she learned. She is currently working on her masters for Art in Education and opened her preschool in Chula Vista, California. Kids Creative Learning Center,  a preschool where children learn English, Spanish and mandarin. Her passion, patience and experience with children makes her the perfect teacher for children of all cultures.

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  1. Yvonne Condes says:

    My older boy loves to read and my younger son has started to be more and more interested in books. It’s so great to see them curled up with their favorite stories.

  2. Catalina says:

    My boys are grown now but when they were younger they preferred for me to read to them than read for themselves. Thank goodness that didn’t last long. Ha!

  3. What a special video. This is such a wonderful message to share!

  4. Aracely says:

    Love what you have to share. Introducing reading at an early age is crucial. I’m currently working on my Masters in Special Education also and can’t stress enough how important instilling a love of reading is in a child.

  5. Absolutely! Love reading and one other thing that can help kids read – letting them see you enjoy reading, yourself.

  6. Juliana Sanchez says:

    Great store! I love this segment