5 Reasons You Can’t Miss Holidays at Disneyland.


I LOVE Christmas, i mean i really love this season, and going to Disney during this Holiday Celebration is one of my favorite things to do.

On November 18th Disney invited a group of Mom Bloggers and their families to enjoy the  Holidays at Disney and let me tell you something this year is even better! To Check the video of how much fun my family and I had click here.

 My favorite part of Disney has always been Main Street, I mean it really transports you to another time specially during the Holidays, the carolers and decorations will definetly put you in the christmas spirit and as always when you visit Disney, will make you forget all your worries or at least i try harder not to worry about anything when i’m at the Happiest Place on Earth.

During the Holidays, Main Street look even more beautiful! Makes want to eat something sweet! (Don’t miss the Cream Cheese Pretzels)

Did you know this artificial tree  which you will find at the entrance of Main Street, (Great Kodak Spot) stands 60 feet tall and has 280,000 pine-tip branches molded from actual tree branches. It is decorated with more than 2,000 ornaments, including the three-foot star on top, and nearly 4,800 energy-efficient LED lights and I sometimes complain about having to check 200 lights!

Reason #1

The Memories and You at It’s a Small World

Who doesn’t love It’s Small World, but during the Holidays is a can’t miss attraction, check it anytime of the day, but go back at night because The Memories and You! projection show is  enhanced for the holidays, with a new segment featuring holiday flair and favorite holiday songs.

Decorators use 50,000 Christmas lights on the façade of “It’s a Small World Holiday”, and an additional 200,000 mini-lights in the trees, hedges and topiaries surrounding the attraction.

The Memories and You! projection show  it’s simply amazing, the façade of, it’s a small world will go through different transformations, from  a giant snow globe to an  icy winter wonderland and  when you’re watching the show and listening to holiday songs is all you can see, because before the show all the lights by this attraction are turned off, so It’s Small World  looks even more spectacular!

My family and i stayed ther for 1/2 hour because my kids wanted to see the show as many times as possible,

The Memories and You! projection show  runs every 15 minutes, so here’s a tip, plan to go on the ride at night so you can enjoy the show while waiting in line. To Check the video of how much fun my family and I had including a video of The Memories and You Show, click here.

Inside “It’s Small World Holiday” it’s also a can’t miss, because the ride is transformed for the Holidays,  from the beginning of the ride  you are transport to a Holiday  and Joyful World you can even smell  pine tree and peppermint scents in the European scenes and they use 75 gallons of bubble juice to make bubbles throughout the season in the South Seas scene, nearly 150 giant candles decorate the Christmas Tree in the European scene, and 7,500 lights sparkle on the Snow Flake Tree in the “It’s a Small World Holiday” finale, my family and i went on the ride 3 times, because my kids couldn’t get enough!

Reason  #2

Fantasy’s Christmas Parade

I know is a hazle to look for a space and having to wait for 30 minutes for the a Disney Parade to start, but let me tell you something, the “Fantasy’s Christmas” Parade is one of the best Disney has, because your children will see all their favorite characters such as Toy Story, Pinocchio and of course Mickey, Minnie and his friends surrounded by the Christmas magic and at the end of the parade of course the grand finale, SC!!!


 I’ll give you a tip sit right across from  It’s Small World that’s the beginning or the end of the parade depending of the time of the day, so  when is over go straight to it’s small worldand avoid the crowd  in Main Street.

Reason #3

Haunted Mansion Holiday

This a must on your list,  The Haunted Mansion Holiday exterior is decorated with more than 100 jack-o’-lanterns and the eerie glow of more than 400 flickering candles, for the holidays, the graveyard in the Haunted Mansion finale is covered with 7,500 square feet of snow. Trees in the graveyard are decked out with 1,000 tiny orange lights, The gingerbread house in the Mansion’s Great Hall is made of real gingerbread and icing.

A tip, Get a Fast Pass and this is the perfect time to take the little ones to the Haunted Mansion because it won’t be as scary for them.

Reason #4

Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle

“As long as there’s imagination in the world, Disneyland will never be completed,” Walt Disney.

Disney does everything big and when you think you’ve seen it all, they top there own mag-creations,  the nighttime Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle light show is a perfect example, over the course of the evening, you’ll see three different acts,  each one begins at the Castle and travels the length of Main Street, finishing at the Town Square Christmas tree. Each act features a magical snowfall, and the final act concludes with “Believe…in Holiday Magic” fireworks. one my kids favorite.

Reason # 5

The Memories!

That’s right, go to Disneyland this Holiday Season, just for the memories, as a mom nothing brings me for happiness than seeing my children happy, i mean extremely happy! Yes I know Disney is crowded and you have to wait in line, could be cold and the kids start not being so happy, but here’s a tip i got from Michelle Himmelberg from Disney Destinations Public Relations, “Enjoy the moment, don’t try to do everything, just enjoy being at Disney,” And create the most wonderful memories!

Of course it was too much excitement for my son,

An look what was waiting for us!

A room at the newly renovated Disneyland Hotel, I mean who doesn’t like to stay at one of their 3 hotels, but in this room you REALLY feel the Disney magic, just look at the the headboard, is Sleeping beauty castle  and fireworks which lights up and plays “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” For us this was a great finale for our Holiday Celebration at Disney! Thanks Michelle Himmelberg at  Disney Destinations Public Relations.

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