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the girl david riker   I had the opportunity to screen “The Girl” and let me tell you I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen the whole movie. The story is very real and unfortunately  it happens every day on our borders and any mother can relate to it,  but the film  also talks about the possibility of a better life south, NOT north  of the border. The Girl turns the immigrant story upside down and will make any immigrant think, “Was it worth it to come to U.S, live in the shadows and fear every day or would I be happier back home” “The Girl is definitely an eye-opener film!

the girl david riker

Abbie Cornish (You might remember her from the film W.E)  plays Ashley who is fighting to get her son back from child protective services,  in her intent to earn more money she chooses to  cross undocumented immigrants across the border, but things don’t go the way she planned. Watching the movie I truly felt Ashley’s pain and in a way understood why she took such extreme measures to earn more money. She made me think, “How far would I go to protect my children?”

the girl david riker

Martiza Santiago Hernandéz plays Rosa, a young girl who’s part of the group of undocumented immigrants, this is Maritza’s first film, she was selected to star in the movie after more than 3,000 girls participated in the casting throughout Oaxaca’s Central Valleys and I can see why they chose her, you will fall in love with her and throughout the movie you will want to protect her. Rosa is the one that will make you doubt if the “American Dream” is really real or there’s another and better dream south of the border.

Throught the movie, I wen through many emotions, as a mom, I understood Ashley’s desperation to do what ever it took to get her son back, knowing what immigrant families go through in their intent to achieve the American dream I felt a huge compassion for Rosa but what I love the most is the end which I won’t give it away but, I assure you, you’ll cry.

the girl david riket

There’s no surprise, The Girl is such a great film,  David Riker  is the director and writer. His debut feature, The City (La Ciudad), filmed in New York’s Latin American immigrant community, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and screened at Sundance and numerous festivals internationally. A big part of the The Girl happens in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico  and Riker really captured this border town, I can say I was able to smell the tacos, you’ll see why I say that when you watch the movie.

Paul Mezey is the producer, he’s the founder of Journeyman Pictures and has produced a number of critically acclaimed and award winning films including Maria Full of Grace which received a 2005 Academy Award Nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Half Nelson starring Ryan Gosling which received a 2007 Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

The Girl will be in theaters:

  • New York City on March 8
  • Los Angeles on March 15
  • Additional markets to follow on March 22 & 29

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Disclosure: This is not a paid post, I was given the opportunity to screen the film for review purposes and as always my opinion is solely my own.

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