Our Family Day at Disney!

Every year Disney invites the members of the press and bloggers to Family Media Day at Disney, where we get to mingle with other peers and my kids get to enjoy several activities and meet their favorite Disney characters.

Thanks to Disney, we  stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, so from the beginning of our trip we received the Magic treatment.

On the first floor of the tower were we stayed, theres a model of Big Thunder, one of my son’s favorite rides.

Once we got to were Family Day took place, the first thing I did was to get a very much needed cup of coffe.

After this I couldn’t resist the delicious treats, like this ghost  chocolate cookie  my son proudly holds before giving it a huge bite.

There’s face painting, (I couldn’t get my kids to have a skeleton paint on their face) But they love coloring.

And they spend a good amount of time tossing balls at cardboard Disney Villains.

And when they heard the price was candy, they couldn’t't stop playing

But their favorite part of Family Day has always been decorating a cookie,


 They get to,  spread  frosting and sprinkles and to put on eyes, nose a mouth on a vampire cookie and let me tell you it’s delicious!!

But of course meeting their favorite Disney Villain was the highlight of their week!!

After Family Day, we got to enjoy Disneyland and California Adventure Resorts and as always we had a blast…

While my oldest enjoy Big Thunder 3 Times!!

My youngest loved the Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.

And they both got to meet another one of their favorite Disney characters, Woody!

Disneyland as you know is the happiest place on earth, so for these best buddies, what better place to hold hands than here!

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