Summer vacations, what to do with the kids!

My kids are still in preschool, so I love the last day of school, although it was a bit sad for my five year old to say goodbye to his preschool teacher.

And friends, who he might not see next year, he was so sad!

The last day of school means the beginning of summer, we can go to the beach everyday, the park, ride our bikes, swim, spend the whole day together.

Serioulsy? What was I thinking? It has been only two weeks since my boys three and five years old started summer vacations and I’m turning into Jack Nicholson’s character in the shining! “Here’s Mommy!”

Yes, it was fun for like a WEEK! But it’s not how I pictured summer vacations. Me relaxing and the kids playing. In my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong I love my kids, but having them at home everyday all day for 2 months straight could get crazy, and I don’t mean the situation, I mean me!

I know there’re summer camps, swimming classes and a lot of activities they can do during the summer, but that also means lots of money! So I would be working to pay summer camps and no money for shoes! That can’t happen.

What I mean is,  there are lots of other activities we can do with our children that don’t require spending our shoe money, such as activities at home, but you need to be creative and one great idea it’s the new Nintendo 3DS

I know your thinking “I don’t want my kid to spend the summer playing video games!” You’re wrong, Nintendo 3DS it’s much more than playing games.

Some of Nintendo 3DS features are:

  • 3D screen, enabling 3D view without the need for special glasses and the ability to adjust or turn off 3D effect with the 3D Depth Slider.
  • Stereo cameras that enable users to take 3D photos that can be viewed instantly on the 3D screen.
  • New input interfaces including the Circle Pad, motion sensor, gyro sensor, which will  will motivate players to move even jump!
  • SpotPass, a feature that lets Nintendo 3DS detect wireless hotspots or wireless LAN access points and obtain information, game data, free software, videos and so on for players even when the system is in sleep mode.*
  • StreetPass, a feature that lets Nintendo 3DS exchange data automatically with other Nintendo 3DS systems within range.
  •  Parental Controls which enable parents to restrict game content by ratings as well as use of specific wireless connectivity, 3D functionality, etc.

And today the boxes containing two Nintendo 3DS arrived at my home.

We also received the games Mario Tennis Open and Mario Kart 7.

Of course my kids can’t wait to try the Nintendo 3DS and play their games, they couldn’t believe it!

Me personally, I’m excited because Nintendo 3DS as I said, it’s more than just video games, it will motivate kids to get active to play the games, thanks to the built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor and take pictures and video, tomorrow for example we’re going to the zoo to take pictures and video with our  Nintendo 3DS.

Join me and four other Latina mom bloggers as we work with Nintendo to bring fun and creative solutions to help create your own “summer camp” experience at home.

Every week i’ll share with you, tips and ideas on how to keep the kids entertained at home this summer while using Nintendo 3DS, from at-home tournaments to interactive group gaming through the Nintendo 3DS multiplayer features that can help keep kids entertained and engaged. Trust me, your kids will love it and you won’t go crazy this summer trying to keep them entertained.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post, I’m part of the ” Tres Meses de 3DS Campaign” besides the compensation, I received two Nintendo 3DS consoles and 3 games, but as always my opinions are solely mine.

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  1. Sharlene says:

    We reserve portable gaming systems for road trips. Luckily, we take lots of those in the summer!

  2. Fun! My boys absolutely love their 3DS’s!

  3. Donna says:

    I used to be one of those moms who resisted getting my child a handheld game console. That changed when we received our first Nintendo DS. It didn’t take me long to wonder why I had waited so long. I especially like the fact that many of the games are multi-player, so it’s not really different from board games like Monopoly and Clue – it just uses a different delivery system.

  4. Oh man, I can sooo relate! I’m having a hard time keeping my 5 year old occupied. A Nintendo DS would be the perfect solution!

  5. Pattie Cordova says:

    My son uses my iPad, but a DS sounds like a better idea. Except for the 3d one.

  6. There is lots of game in summer my kids are playing and enjoy. My kids are playing video game and 3ds also, my kids are going to swimming and in a 1month he was also going in Water Park for entertainment.

  7. My only concern even with all of the benefits is the ability for us to forget how important it is to get our kids out and moving.

    Otherwise, I think its a great way to keep the kids entertained :)