Soccer Inspire Us to Celebrate Closer

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Crest celebrate closer
This year for the first time in a long time, I’m actually enjoying the soccer games this summer and the main reason is my boys, because it’s the first year that can watch and really enjoy the soccer games with them, 4 years ago they were very young.
Crest Celebrate Closer

Of course up until Sunday, our team was Mexico, we had so much fun watching the game  and I enjoyed explaining to them everything about it and when Mexico lost we all screamed together NO!!!!! And we were all a bit sad because our team lost, but very proud because they played very good. I feel that watching the soccer championship together as a family really brings us closer, during the soccer tournament, we laugh and scream like crazy, our whole neighborhood can probably hear us!

The soccer games this summer has helped us celebrate closer with our family members who live far away, for example with my 3 sisters, none of them live in San Diego, CA so during the soccer games we watch the game together talking, cheering and screaming through skype or the WhatsApp, this way we feel we’re together, you can always find ways to Celebrate Closer with your loved ones.
crest celebrate closer

Now, the team that we root for is USA so every time  our team scores a gol, the house is filled with excitement and although Is my family and I love my boys, no one likes an onion breath while screaming Gooooool! That’s why it’s important that you’re prepared with Crest Complete + Scope because Crest Complete allows you to get closer to people, providing you the confidence that comes from knowing you are covered and protected against bad breath, specially after eating tacos with salsa.

crest celebrate closer

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Crest Complete allows you to get closer to people, providing you the confidence that comes from knowing you are covered and protected against bad breath! Because the further your team goes, the closer you get, right?

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I invite you to watch and share the #CelebrateCloser video and would love to hear how, soccer brings you closer to your friends and family even if they live far away.

I encourage you to load your pictures like I did, uploading them to your favorite social media channels, don’t forget to use the hashtag #CelebrateCloser and follow it! You’ll see why nothing brings us closer than soccer, so let’s Celebrate Closer!


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  1. Such a cute post Tania! My kids really aren’t interested in the games. But they have really liked going with my husband to someone’s house to watch the games. There is a sense of community there when all the people come together to watch that is exciting. Although they aren’t watching the games, they still get to feel the bonding. :)