Samsung Galaxy Camera Addiction

samsung galaxy camera review As a mom and a vlogger, I’m always looking for the perfect camera and recently I discovered Samsung Galaxy Camera with Verizon Wireless provider and I have no words to describe my LOVE and ADDICTION for this camera, it’s like nothing, I repeat NOTHING you’ve ever seen.
In this vlog, the first on a series, I explain to you why this  camera which not only takes photos and videos, but has Wifi so you can share your images through email and social media networks where ever you’re and wherever you are and whenever you want.

Samsung Galaxy Camera it’s awesome and I’m addicted to it.

Samsung Galaxy Camera vlogs every week!

Since I can’t explain to you the AWESOMENESS of Samsung Galaxy Camera in one vlog,  every week  I will have a new vlog explaining the features of Samsung Galaxy Camera and how they work, most importantly why you will fall in LOVE with it.

Be sure to check back here every week and post your comments or questions about this product.

Disclosure: This is not a paid post. Verizon Wireless sent me Samsung Galaxy Camera to review  for 1 month and as always my opinion is solely my own.


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  1. I saw one over the weekend and I loved the huge screen. Looking forward to your reviews.

  2. really nice pictures! how does the video on the camera compare with the video camera you used to shoot the video?

  3. Tania — you blow me away as week by week you explain a product in a way which makes me see how it could be useful in my life. I’m very intimidated by technology and everything is “smarter” than I am, but after watching your video I’m sold on this camera.