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I LOVE the Holidays, there’s no lack of Christmas spirit at my house, from Holiday music, decorations are up a week before Thanksgiving, I bake cookies with my kids A LOT! We enjoy this joyful time to the fullest and although I love to host Holiday parties “Posadas” it’s a lot of work! Between the cooking, shopping, entertaining and  cleaning, time goes so fast you hardly have time for anything else, it could could be overwhelming!

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Thankfully I had the opportunity thanks to P&G and Orgullosa community to be part of a blogger roundtable where super talented Evette Rios and Wilmer Valderrama, the P&G Holiday program spokespeople shared with us their Secrets of the Season such as, tips for a stress-free Holiday and awesome gift ideas.

P&G secrets of the season

Holiday Decor Tips

I love to decorate my house, but it could get expensive but Evette Rios gave us a great tip to create a simple center piece for your dinner table, using any kind of glasses, put a candle on top and adorn it with acorns even branches, the kids can pick them up and you can even paint them if you like. I did mine what do you think? It was super simple and I think it looks great! You can also use Febreze candles which eliminate odors and give your house a great winter scent like Glistening Pine, my favorite!

P&G secrets of the season

Holiday Gifts for Men

One thing I don’t like about the Holidays is buying gifts for men and, so Wilmer Valderrama shared some of his favorite items that he says, every man will appreciate as a gift, they’re also things that men usually don’t buy for them so it’s a great gift!

Holiday Gifts for the Girls!

As you know, I have 4 sisters! And finding the perfect gift for them every year could be difficult, but Evette gave us some great ideas such as creating personalized gift baskets with favorite P&G products like Gillette, Covergirl and Olay. This kind of gifts are unique, inexpensive and shows how much you care. I’m actually making one for my sister using a jewelry box and I’ll fill it with either cosmetics, perfume everything she likes.

P&G secrets of the season

Great Gift for the MOM!

I love my mom, but every year I suffer when it comes to buy her gift, she’s very picky, but for the first year I know what to get her and I know she’ll love it! Wilmer Valderrama said to “Pamper you mom during the Holidays” e.g a gift certificate for the salon, spa etc.. I know my mom will love this! Because she usually forgets about herself.

How to Save Time & Money During the Holidays.

You know I’m a HUGE fan of P&G products and I use them and talk about them all the time and Evette Rios is also a fan, she said, specially during the Holidays we should choose products the stretch your money and are Multi-Use, like P&G products which are are not only great they save you money!

To save time, Evette says there are tons of things you can do the before your  Holidays party such as;

  • Make all the dough crusts for breads and pies you can do them 1 to 2 weeks before and freeze them.
  • Assemble the casseroles and freeze them.

To this list Valderrama added, to load up on cleaning products, he said, “My mom says, girls cook and guys clean” and since we sometimes forget, I always make sure I have Cascade Platinum Pacs which is strong enough and you don’t need to pre-wash.

The Night Before:

  • Put out the containers where the food is going to go and put a note e.g “mask potatoes” also get the plates, glasses, wine glasses out to make sure you have enough for all your guests.

Getting ready for a BIG Latino gathering.

You know WE Latinos like to party and we know how to party and our families are usually BIG! To get ready for this fun moments and avoid stress, Evette has this tips:

  • Make House Easy; Explain the members of your family where things are in the house (Kitchen, bathroom etc..)
  • Put a note somewhere visible in the house with important information such as; Wifi password etc..
  • Have LOTS of toilet paper, is the first thing you will run out.
  • Buy cleaning products that are easy to use so you can keep the house clean without spending to much time such as; Swiffer (You know I’m a BIG fan of Swiffer Vac, Swiffer Wet Jet, Swiffer Bissell Steamboost etc..)
  • Have a basket or box with essentials in the bathroom, I have one for my sisters and it was so easy to put together since I know what all woman needs.

P&G secrets of teh season

The one P&G product Evette can’t live without specially during the Holidays is the, Cover Girl Outlast Double LipShine, which lasts at least 10 hours! “You can eat, drink everything and you still have beautiful lips.” Said Rios.

Beauty tips from Wilmer’s perspective.

Take note Mamacitas! According to Wilmer, his favorite woman look during the Holidays is, comfortability and simplicity, “Nothing is sexier in a woman, when she’s comfortable in what she wears.” Said Wilmer. He also said, “It’s not much what you wear, but how you take care of yourselves” He’s so right! Let’s not forget about ourselves during the Holidays!

Great tips right! For more Secrets of the Season ideas? Visit:P&G Secrets of the Season Website

Wilmer Holiday Traditions

We all have Holiday traditions, me and my children for example, we put the Christmas tree together and place baby Jesus in the Nativity on Christmas eve, for Wilmer is, “Cooking and dancing, wear something new on the 24th and 31st of December.”

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with Secrets of the Season from P&G, Orgullosa and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I love the idea of gifting Old Spice!!! It was my favorite scent to smell on my dad.

  2. Dinah says:

    I love the simple idea of the centerpiece! Very nice!

  3. These are great tips, Tania! I especially like Wilmer’s “women cook, men clean.” I’ll be sharing that with my husband.