Natalie Morales; a Real Mami, with Real Problems

It was almost 2 years ago when i first Interviewed Natalie Morales over the phone , back then, I thought she was an incredible person, but I was wrong, she’s amazing! What you see on TV every morning is who Morales is in real life; Warm, Funny and of course, a Beautiful woman. This is what I discovered when I finally met her  last month  in New York City.

Natalie Morales gives a new meaning to the word “Momtasking” The “Today Show” News anchor  (She’s the first Latina to hold that position) is also the mother of two beautiful boys; Josh who will turn eight and three year old Luke, she  gets up every day before dawn to do live TV, but what really motivates Natalie is not being part of the most successful morning show in the history of television, but  a nice long run and a loud round of Karaoke. “I am uninhibited; when it comes to grabbing the microphone, I sing from the top of my lungs, whether you like it or not.” But running and competing in at least 5 marathons still Natalie’s favorite activity, “it’s an escape a relief. Is when I write my best.”

Problems in the Mom Department

Natalie is appreciative for all her life’s blessings; a husband who loves her, two healthy and beautiful boys and the “best job” as she describes it. But being a mother to Luke, her youngest child has a special meaning.  It took Natalie and her husband Joe Rhodes, more than 2 ½ years to get pregnant. “It’s stressful on the relationship when you’re trying so much and doesn’t exactly end up being the romantic experience you would like it to be.” Natalie was able to conceive until she had an Intrauterine Insemination.  “It’s important to do what you feel is in your best interest if you really want to have a child,” adding  “The best advice for women who are going through the same difficulties;  if you feel is taking too long and you are in your mid thirties or so as I was, go talk to somebody, don’t wait. Sometimes doctors say,’ oh don’t worry just wait,’ but if it’s been about a year and you are having trouble,  go and see a doctor and find out what’s wrong or what’s happening with your body.”

Priceless, Funny and STRESSFUL Moments

Having 2 small children, also means you’re in for surprising moments almost everyday, believe me, I know! So it wasn’t hard for Natalie to share with me a funny moment with her family, “We were staying at a hotel and Josh said he wanted to use the bathroom and he was taking quiet a long time, so Jo my husband called him and asked him, ‘Are you ok in there?  Are you making a poopy?’  And Josh answered, ‘No, Daddy, I’m here playing the tambourine!’ Where does he come up with that sarcasm at the age of 5!”

Being with her family is Natalie’s priority, “I love cooking, so we make dinner every night for my kids”. As a mother of two boys myself I can’t imagine there’s never chaos in Natalie’s home, “It’s a testing moment for parents for sure, “says Natalie. But I agree with her that being a mom it’s the most amazing thing “You think that you can’t love a child anymore than you do, but having two and see the relationship they have, that love intensifies.”

Natalie, a True Latina Mom.

As a Latina, she’s Puerto Rican/Brazilian descent, family is her number one priority, “We are all kinds of women, but if there is one thing that is most important to us is our focus on family and taking care of everyone.”

As a woman and working mother I know, stress could harm any marriage, Natalie agrees with me, but says her  time as  the “Reporter” of the controversial show “The Marriage Ref ” allowed her to find humor in her own  marriage and the occasional silly spat, “Like who’s going to unload the dishwasher or refill the toilet paper roll” adding “It makes you look at your own arguments and be like, ‘Honey, at least we’re not fighting about something like that,’” says Natalie.

Natalie was  named by People en Español  one of its Fifty Most Beautiful People for 2007. Last month she was one of 15 Latinas on the cover of the 15th Anniversary Issue of Latina Magazine, Morales  writes the monthly column “Modern Mami” for the publication and hosted the Magazine’s and Access Hollywood TV Special “15 Latinas We Love” on NBC.

Morales is without a doubt, one of the most successful Latinas in this country, so I asked her;

What makes Latina Moms so unique?

“We are the modern woman, many of us working and taking care of our kids and families, but yet hold onto our old-world and Latin traditions. We have our languages, customs, foods and culture which help define us but many of us are 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation and have a rich history which has stayed in the family.”

Natalie is unquestionably a Today Mom, “What allows me to do what I do is that I do have a great support system, but you have to be willing to ask. We have to accept our limitations, also, knowing how to prioritize.”  

Following Her Dream

Natalie’s career path is definitely an inspiration for any woman with aspirations, especially for working mothers like myself who some days might feel overwhelmed. Natalie’s advice; “follow your passion and dreams in life.  It’s what got me where I am in life today doing my “dream” job and having my family. “

So, don’t you dare say that Natalie is on TV because of her beauty,  she has done it all, from camera operator, editor and covering major news stories like: Presidential Elections and school shootings, she constantly traveling around the world  to cover exclusive interviews with news makers. All this with huge success “I think looks certainly play a part in our business, absolutely,” says Natalie. “But you have to have the goods to back that up. “

The 37th year old journalist who hasn’t aged a bit in almost 10 years, says, it’s not worried about getting old, “I just hope I can grow into my skin gracefully,” but if Natalie had a magic wand she would definitely use it, “I’ll be 2 inches taller, I would like to be 5.7”

Natalie Morales, is definetly Latina Mom TV’s Favorite Latina Mom!









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