My Children, my inspiration, Johnson & Johnson’s #inspirecare

I don’t consider my self a perfect mom, I mean who is? I would like to pick her brain, but one thing I’m,  each day I try very hard to be the best mom I can, some days I succeed and other I fail terribly and feel like the worst mom in the world.

But I know the next day I have to try again and no one in this world inspires me more than my 2 boys to be a caring mother.

Why are my boys my biggest inspiration?

  • When I’m, tired, they inspire me to get up and keep going.
  • When I’m, sad they are my reason to smile.
  • When I’m angry, their happiness make me forget all my problems.
  • When I think I’m a failure an “I love you mom” or a kiss make me see how successful I really am.

An although my kids are the fuel that keeps me going every day, I can’t forget about my dad, who throughout the years overcame a thousand of obstacles to provide my sisters and I what we needed. So when I need an extra inspiration I think of what he did for us and never complained and a way to pay him back is to do the same for my  family and make sure they’re  healthy and thriving every day.

I do consider my self lucky because the challenges I have every day are easy to overcome if I compare my self to a mom who can’t provide food, medicines or a healthy living environment to their children, that’s why I love companies like  Johnson & Johnson’s  who along with partner organizations work really hard each day to  support global motherhood with programs that meet the needs of moms and babies in the U.S. and around the world.

Did you know Johnson & Johnson’s has many programs for those who cannot afford their medicines? They are also  involved with many causes such as; Safe Kids Worldwide® , Care Inspire Care™ just to mention a few.

To learn more on how Johnson & Johnson and its partners touch more than one billion people’s lives each day through health care products, services and various programs, visit their website, Johnson & Johnson’s .

Take Action!

If you’re attending LATISM 2012 I invite you to to visit the Johnson & Johnson’s suite, where they will be showcasing some of these initiatives under the theme “global motherhood.” Maybe you can join Johnson & Johnson’s   in raising
awareness about global motherhood by using your social networks for social good.

You can also follow the #InspireCare conversation on Twitter and Facebook

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I’m part of #InspireCare Bloggers whose mission is to create awareness about global motherhood by using our social networks for social good.

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  1. pattie says:

    I am not a perfect mother either… not by far. But I do try to do it really good sometimes.