My Mom Will do ANYTHING to Win the #SoFabCon14

There are a million reasons of why I want to win the a full all expensed trip to SoFabCon14 in Bentonville, Arkansas on May 8th – 10th, but since my children are the ones that see me everyday trying to be a better blogger (Struggling would be the correct word) I thought it would be best for them to tell you in this video why I DESPERATELY need to win the #LuvSoFab14 Contest!. Watch the video!


Why I want to go to SoFab Conference 2014?

I DESPERATELY need to go to the SoFab Conference 2014, because I know I can be a much better blogger/vlogger than what I am right now, meeting, talking and picking the brains of the community of Social Fabric and Collective Bias® would give me the power and strength I need to take my vlog to the next step. I BADLY need guidance, my vlog looks great and as you can see in my video I’m extremely creative, I LOVE to produce videos and the brands I work with LOVE THEM, that’s one of the main reasons they want to work with me, but I need to find a way to take advantage of my creativity and be the best blogger/vlogger I can be.There’s so much information out there about blogging and vlogging that to tell you the truth, I get overwhelmed and some days discourage because I don’t know where to begin and I question my self if I’m doing the right thing or if maybe I’m not a good blogger  and I should quit.

What the experience of attending SoFab Conference 2014 would mean to me?

OMG, Where to start! Are you kidding me with this question? By attending SoFab Conference 2014, I would be immersed into the world of blogosphere, there’s nothing more inspiring and empowering than to be surrounded by other people who like you, share the same love and passion for information, sharing information and social media. If I win the #LuvSoFab14 Contest, I would absorb as much information as I can, information I BADLY need to reach my goal and make my Vlog grow. I’m a fast learner, all I need is the opportunity to listen and ask questions to the experts, the brightest of the brightest, it’s so important to get out of the virtual world and connect with the real world. Can you imagine all the useful information I can learn on the workshops? Meeting the Social Fabric and #CollectiveBias community would help me get out of my box and take my vlog further to places I have never imagined, not because of the lack of willingness but because of a HUGE lack of guidance, resources and information.

What the experience of attending SoFab Conference 2014 will empower me to do after the conference?

Another trick question? There are no limits as what the effects of attending SoFab Conference 2014 will have on me,  but of one thing I’m certain, it would give me THE PUSH I need to take risks and work harder, THE STRENGTH I need, to not be afraid of going into the unknown and trying new things, THE CONFIDENCE I need to appreciate how AMAZING I’m and how FABULOUS I can be! SoFab Conference 2014  would give me the tools I so much need to engage with the brands I like to work and to create a stronger thread between and its partener brands.

But this is the most important reason I would do ANYTHING to Win the #SoFabCon14!

My gorgeous and sweet boys, who are always there for me! As they say; “Happy Mom, Happy Kids” or in SoFab style, “Happy Blogger, Happy Kids”

#LuvSoFab14 Contest!

This is the second year of the #LuvSoFab14 Contest!  Collective Bias® is giving away six FULL all expensed trips (valued $1,500 per person) to SoFabCon in Bentonville, Arkansas on May 8th – 10th!  To apply, you have to write a blog post, film a video, paint a picture or use any other digital medium of your choice to show  how creative you are and include; why you want to come, what the experience would mean to you, and what the experience will empower you to do AFTER the conference. It’s important to incorporate the hashtags #LuvSoFab14, #SoFabCon14 and #collectivebias into your entry. You are also  required to fill out a Google form to submit your entry. The Collective Bias® SoFabCon Leadership Team will choose a winner based off of originality, spirit, quality and the three things mentioned above! The deadline for submission is January 30th at 11:59 pm EST.  They will announce the six winners during the SoFabCon Twitter party on February 3rd at 11:00 am EST.

What I would Win!

  • 1 Full Conference Pass to SoFabCon (Friday- Sunday)
  • Round Trip Airfare plus one checked bag
  • Free transportation to and from the conference
  • Lodging Accommodations (shared room, with individual beds)

Get creative and submit your entry!

Wish me Luck!!!


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  1. Tania your boys are just adorable! It’s so important to have the support of our family. Our kids really have to put up with a lot, from eating stuff they don’t like to dancing with videos LOL! How wonderful that they know how hard you work and how important this is for you. I really hope to see you at SoFabCon this year! Buena Suerte!