Mom Guilt Syndrome During Work Trips

Any working mom, blogger who travels can identify with this vlog.
In April I attended Hispanicize conference in Miami and was away from my children for 7 days.
I had the best time, met amazing people which will help my vlog grow and made new awesome friends, BUT everything has a prize, my children cried several days because they missed me.
This video was recorder after a phone conversation I had with my 5 year old, I had to leave a panel because I was about to burst into tears, he made me feel extremely GUILTY that I was having the best time and he was in such a pain because of me.
The reason of this vlog is so moms can share their advice on, How do you handle the Mom Guilt? I welcome you to share your opinion, advice you can even send a Youtube video by posting your URL HERE and I’ll post it here.

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  1. Ouch. That hurts. There is nothing worse. I know because I went through something similar. Rest assured, the pain is only temporary and your little guy will actually be stronger in the long run.

  2. Awwwww! me sentí súper identificada contigo porque como mamá bloguera y mamá que trabaja 40 horas fuera de casa, siento esta culpa todos los días de mi vida, pero más aun cuando tengo que dejarlo a mi nene de tres años al cuidado de extraños.

    Particularmente creo que nunca se supera, pero me hace bien pensar que estos momentos en los que estamos separados por unas horas o a veces días, le ayudan a ser mas independiente y a relacionarse con otras personas.

    Explicale a tus hijos que mami necesita trabajar y que es solo algo temporal.


    y no te preocupes que no fuiste la única que estaba llorando en Hispanicize por los hijos.. a mi me pasó también!