My Night Out With Net10 Wireless and My Sisters

As a mom, you’ll understand me, night outs don’t happen that often, so when we do have a night out, we enjoy them to the extreme and if you have a reliable phone with camera to help you plan your night and capture every single moment of your experience makes the night out perfect.

That’s exactly what happened during my night out with my Net10 Wireless and my sisters. First so you understand why this night was so special, we are 4 sisters, one of them Pollyana lives in Santiago, Chile and Daniella travels a lot due to her job, but this two weeks we were all in San Diego, so I decided to take them for a night out and this is what we did.

We wanted to start our night out exercising, and we decided to try Kickboxing and let me tell you, it was so much fun punching and kicking a bag, of course later that day I couldn’t feel my arms, but it was worth it because I took the best picture with my LG Optimus Net phone, we look so professional don’t you think? So don’t mess with us!

In this picture I used the Sepia color effect, did you know LG Optimus Net Phone has a lot of effects to make it more fun taking pictures? It’s one of the features I love!

Now it was time to get pretty and go out, and we wanted a nice restaurant but it had to be kids friendly since I had my 2 boys with me, but with LG Optimus Net Phone Places Application it was easy to look for a restaurant in my area and we found an Italian restaurant right by the beach and walking distance from my house, here we are left to right; Pollyana, Janette, Tania and Daniella.

The restaurant had a happy hour , how convenient right? And since we weren’t driving we had no problem having a couple of drinks, personally I loved the Bellini cocktail.

Thank God my Lg Optimus phone had a good signal because sometimes by the beach some phones don’t really work, but my Net10 Wireless service was the best, and throughout the night I was able to post photos on Facebook and Twitter of the 4 us having so much fun, can you imagine the conversations of four sisters!

Sorry I can’t write about them, to much information, but so much laughing!

And if you’re wondering what were my 2 boys, 3 and 5 years old were doing? When I wasn’t using my LG Optimus Net Phone they were playing games on it, although they also enjoy the night out, can you imagine 2 boys in the middle of 3 aunts, eating pizza, it was there perfect night as well!

The Night out continued at my house, where we opened a very good Cabernet Sauvignon with cheese and crackers.

With my Net10 wireless, I don’t have to worry about long distance calling fees, because is a prepaid cell phone service so we called my future brother in law Jose Miguel in Spain and congratulated him for his engagement with my sister Pollyana, who of course is all smiles.

I bet you didn’t know with Net10 wireless you can enjoy unlimited plans with: calls, texts and data to not only landlines but also cell phones in Mexico and over 100 other countries, the best part, the cost is up to half the price of postpaid phone services.

The night out turned into pajama party and of course we couldn’t close he night without chocolate, so we all baked chocolate chip cookies.

But or Night Out with Net10 Wireless continued the next morning, we had to burn all the calories we consumed the night before, and since we weren’t able to go out dancing because I had my children and as you know Latinas love dancing! We decided to do the next best thing, a Zumba class.

Here we are looking pretty before Zumba.

Using my Lg Optimus Net Phone Maps Application, I looked for Zumba classes in my area and when I found one I checked the reviews on yelp and of course I captured every single moment of Zumba with the sisters with my LG Optimus Net phone camera.

During Zumba.


After Zumba, looking NOT so pretty.

Seriously for a moment I thought I wasn’t going to make it for a whole hour of Zumba.

At the end of the night I loved that with one click , my LG Optimus Net phone send all my pictures to Picasa, so I can always organize my photos from my LG Optimus Net Phone, I saved a lot of time!

Thanks to my LG Optimus Net Phone, we had the best Net10 Wireless Night Out, I can’t wait to do it again!

Not convinced how great Net10 Wireless is? Here are more reasons: With Net10 Wireless there are no:

  • Contracts
  • Credit Checks
  • Activation Charges
  • Cancellation Fees

It’s so simple, you buy the pone, purchase airtime and activate, That’s it! Find out more about Net10 Wireless service here What are you waiting for, you could be saving money on cell pone services right now!

If you want to see me in action using  my LG Optimus using my Net10 Wireless check, “I Can’t Stop Talking with my LG Optimus Net phone”

Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Net10 Wireless. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Sounds like a great night out. What fun.V

  2. How fun! Your sister looks so much like you too!

  3. Yvonne Condes says:

    How fun! Your sisters are beautiful. One of my best friends is visiting for the weekend and we’re going to the gym too also followed by a night out.

  4. My issue with Zumba is I can’t learn dance steps. I’m like Steve Martin in The Jerk. And how do you look so glowing after Zumba??