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It takes 1 year to create ONE character for an animated movie. Did you know that? I didn’t, but during The Croods Parent Blogger Summit at Dreamworks Studios I learned all about the creation of the characters,  animation and what took to create each and one of The Croods family members.

The croods character animation Like James Baxter, the head of character animation said, “The film, along with the voice actors.  bring the noise and we bring the funk” animators spend day after day to create  the characters’ performance, they work  frame by frame, you can imagine how long that takes right?

The croods, character animation

The Croods’ characters are nothing but ordinary, I mean for starts they’re cavemen but they’re also very different from any other kind of cavemen that you’ve seen before, plus  funny and entertaining.

Meet Grug (Nicolas Cage)

the croods, grug An overprotective father with the best intentions, whose only goal is to keep his family safe, but his fear to change and to the new might be putting them at risk. In The Croods characters you’ll see some animal influence, specially Grug which might remind you to a silverback gorilla when he walks.

To create The Croods’ characters, the animators used CG Animation which is like  digital puppets, for example they take a line from Nicolas Cage and play with the character in the computer until they get the movement they like. The croods, parents blogger summit

Meet Eep (Emma Stone)

The croods characters She’s a teenage rebel (which one isn’t) and like any teen she wants to conquer the world, but living in a cave might be difficult to achieve her goal, so she clashes with her dad (Grug) a lot, who she loves very much, but her anger for not being able to “Live” prevents her from telling him.

One of the things that make The Croods so unique are characters like Eep, who is no princess neither pretty, but very real, after all she’s a cave woman, so she’s very athletic, sort of like a tiger.

the croods

When creating a character, they record the actors from different angles, give the video and voice to the animators who might include a gesture or movement the actor did, that’s why in The Croods you’ll see A LOT of Stone’s gestures on Eep and the reason is because according to Baxter, Stone is extremely expressive when she talks which works perfect for an animated movie.

 Actually the Directors/Writers of the The Croods had Emma Stone in mind to voice Eep since before they created the character and they fought to get her the part when they started with this project  ? years ago when  Stone wasn’t a big star and look at her know!

Meet Guy (Ryan Reynolds)

He is a “Cool” teen who  introduces The Croods to the “New World” and gets Eep’s, so Grug is not very fun of Guy because he represents everything he’s against of, change and new. Guy teaches The Croods there’s  life beyond the cave and basically forces  the  family to take their first road trip. Since he has seen the “New World”, Guy is  less about being animal like and behaves and walks more like a human. He represents adventure, danger and new, so of course any girl would fall in love with him right?

the croods cast One thing that was very important for the animators was for Eep to be much more physically dominant than Guy.

Meet Ugga (Catherine Keener)

The Croods characters She’s the first modern mom, Grug’s strong and beautiful better half, who  accepts her husband’s mantra “Fear is good, change is bad” but like any good wife puts some senses into her husband when it comes to parenting issues.

The Croods characters

One thing the animators really focused on when it come to Ugga was her relationship with Sandy her baby daughter. For example you don’t see the classic “Baby on your hip” pose until the end of the movie, “It’s much more chimp-like. Ugga toss Sandy on her back and so on. We did multiple tests early on to show how she would relate picking Sandy up.”  Said Baxter.

Meet Sandy (Randy Thom)

The Croods characters She’s the baby of the family but don’t let her tiny size fool you, she’s a wild and feral kid, if she wants something she’ll get it, she’s fearless, after all she’s a little kid with a huge difference she’s a cave baby. Imagine a little Jack Russell Terrier but human, she runs around and bites everything. The animators had a blast animating Sandy said Baxter.

The Croods characters

Meet Thunk (Clark Duke)

The Croods characters He’s the 9 year old brother and believes very strongly in his dad’s mantra “Fear is good, change is bad”. He still very much a kid so doesn’t really get all the jokes and like most boys he wants to be just like his dad, Thunk ‘s movements are actually based on a baby chimp, according to Baxter and Kirk DeMicco, one the Directors and writers of the film, “One the animators, Hans Duster found this video on YouTube and did all these experiments with these crazy, overly floppy, goofy, arm movements” And to make Thunk move like a chimp, the animators made his feet are sort of turned in and sideways.

the croods

Meet Gran (Loris Leachman)

The Croods characters

Gran is Grug’s mother –in-law who also lives with them and has a hate/love relationship, with his son-in law, sounds familiar? But don’t let her age fool you, she’s fearless, she’s a tough old lady, he will make you laugh and cried and although makes Grug’s life impossible, she’s well intention and loves him.

Something you’ll notice in the movie is that, she  sort of slinks around and does a  slippery movement and that’s because the animators wanted her to be this sort of crusty old lady in a hollowed out lizard skin.  “We wanted to infuse her a little bit with that sort of crocodile vibe.” Said Baxter.

the croods Meet Belt

the croods characters

He serves as Guy’s belt, literally and it’s an adorable character who will make laugh many times, I think is one of the best characters of the movie and here’s the funny part, according to Baxter, he became an unintentional star, “As the story started developing and we started to animate, and Belt started to become really fun.  I thought let’s put more Belt, more Belt!” And Chris sanders the other Director and writer of the movie is his voice. Your kids will fall in love with Belt! mine adores his.

the croods, belt

The animators had a lot of fun creating all these creatures that are half one animal and half another one, such as; Turkey Fish, “And it was just bizarre trying to come up with believable ways that these ridiculous creatures would actually move so that you could believe it.” Said Baxter.

the croods characters

Meet Douglas

the croods characters

Douglas is a Crocopup, half crocodile, half canine, who is Thunk’s bestfriend. He might look ferocious but he’s friendly and lovable.

the croods

Meet Chunky

the croods charcaters Chunky the Macawnivore has the body of a tiger and the colors of a macaw parrot.  At first he might look scary but he’ll end up being everyone’s favorite tiger.

THe Croods

The Croods from Dreamworks hits theaters March 22nd, watch the trailer and get more excited!

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The Croods surpassed my expectations, it’s a ht!

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Disclosure – Thanks to  to 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation for inviting me to The Croods Parent Blogger Summit. 


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