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Brother babies

As you know my children aren’t babies anymore, but there are things I still do since they were babies, “Buenos Habitos de Mamá”, that throught the years have helped and since I was introduced to Walgreens Well Beginnings I know I’m buying the best products for my Bebés and saving money. In this post I share with you Mami Tips for a Lifetime.

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Wipes, a Mami best friend!

Wipes are a must para tu bebé, but children are messy even when they’re 5 & 7 like mine, so up until this point, I never leave the house without wipes and since the Walgreens Well Beginnings Airweave Baby Wipes with Shea Butter are not only thick, strong but SUPER I can use them en TODO! From cleaning the the ice cream spill, dirt on face after a day at the park, I even use them for my self to clean my hands or a coffee spill on my clothes or shoes when I’m out & about. Wipes are a must! But since the wipes packages could be too big for our bags, I grab a bunch an put them in several Zilploc bags which I place in my bag and car, this way I’m NEVER caught without wipes!

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For a Goodnight Sleep

Since my children were Bebés, I give them a bath before bedtime because it helps them relax, they tend to go to sleep faster and I can have some !Hora de Mami! and everyone wakes up refreshed and happy! Since my youngest son has a very sensitive skin I always choose his shampoo very carefully and since we tried Walgreens Well Beginnings Baby Shampoowe we loved it, even my 7 year old because is tear- free and as a Mami, I know Well Beginnings Baby Shampoo is as healthy as shampoo can be since it’s paraben and phthalate free and hipoallergenic clinically tested.

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For the Softest Skin

When my children were babies a must at my house was baby oil, there are so many uses but my favorite was to clean their tiny buts because poop can sometimes be difficult to wipe. If you have a baby, add a few drops of Walgreens Well Beginnings Baby oil to either his pompi or the wipe and clean it, you’ll see how faster is change diaper with this top I got for la abuelita.

In California where we live, we get really dry days and our skins feel !Como piedra! to get a softer skin I add a few drops of Walgreens Well Beginnings Baby oil to our baths which hydrates our skins and end up being super soft, !Intentálo!

walgreens well beginnings baby oil

I Want to be a BIG boy!

One of my best friends, “La comadre” told me her boy, who’s boy is 2 years old kept taking off his diaper, so I suggested training pants like the Walgreens Well Beginnings Training Pants which are customized protection for boys & customized protection for girls, this way she can start potty training. When my oldest boy was 18 months he did the same thing and he was potty trained very early. Walgreens Well Beginnings Training Pants are Cottony Soft Material and Hypoallergenic Liner with Vitamin E and Aloe.

wallgreens well beginnings youth pants

I encourage you to visit Walgreens, and try ALL of The Well Beginnings Baby Products, te van a !Encantar! Since I discovered them I don’t buy any other brand because I know Mi Familia is getting the best products and in this tough economy, I’m taking care of our budget. !Pruebálos!

Click here to learn why Walgreens Well Beginnings Baby Products are a MUST at my house and enter GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a Walgreens gift card.


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  1. Letty says:

    My son is 4 and I’m still hoarding baby wipes everywhere I go. There in my purse, my car, the kitchen y banos.
    Great reminder that even of our babies are not “babies” we can still use the great products geared for infants.

  2. i love checking new places that are affordable and have great quality products. Thanks!