How To Make Life Better For Your Baby

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Making life better for my baby

Like most moms, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my babies, although they’re 6 & 8 years old I still call them babies and they will be my babies for ever!

Making life better for my baby

From the day I found out I was pregnant, my babies, changed my life, I remember I started to take care of myself and body like never before, I would even cross the street so carefully, I was afraid I was going to get hit by a car (Even when there were no cars close to me) I started eating extremely healthy, I completely quit coffee although my doctor said I could drink decaf I didn’t want anything non-healthy to be near my babies. I had always being very active and I love to exercise, but the doctor told me that active women and that exercise regularly deliver even healthier babies I was on a mission, since I was already a runner my doctor said I could keep doing as long as the”baby didn’t complain” And he didn’t in fact I think he loved when I ran because he would go to sleep, I ran 5 days a week until the morning I gave birth.

Pampers believes that even though babies are little, they are powerful agents of change. Babies have a profound impact on our lives and on the world and I agree!

Making life better for my baby
Once I had my babies, my life changed even more, as a mom you know our lives were never the same after you have kids, but seeing that beautiful creature I created in my tummy made me want to be a better person, a more kind human being, I wanted to change the world for my baby! Of course I didn’t change the world, but I did change my lifestyle. I kept eating very healthy and exercising, now he could see me on the treadmill and go with me for a run on his stroller and again he loved it! Actually both of my boys love to run because of me!I’m not saying I’ve been the best mom, because I haven’t but in the last 8 years I’ve tried to do my best and to do anything I can to make my kids happier and offered them a better life.

Making life better for my baby
When a baby comes into your life, you want to be a better person for that baby. Babies bring out the best in each of us. They make our lives better. And that’s why there’s nothing each of us wouldn’t do to make life better for babies.

Making life better for my baby
My goals for my kids is for them to love each other, I always tell them they’re best friends forever and they need to always help each other.

Making life better for my baby

I also want  for them to love who they’re and how they look, that’s why I exercise with them almost everyday for at least 20 minutes, we ran together, play soccer, swim, kayak, if they want to sky or boogie boarding we do it.  Some days I’m very tired and don’t want to do anything but stay home,  but I do it for them, so they’re active and find the fun in exercising!

Making life better for my baby
It’s easy to hired a baby sitter or give your kids an electronic so you can have time for yourself, I do it but not every week, even in the summer, I enroll them in a few summer camps but I also plan activities together, although it would be much easier to keep them occupied at a camp from 9am to 3pm, I do it for my babies, so we all keep bonding and have great memories of summer fun with mom!

Pampers has unveiled a new video – The Pampers Better for Baby video- to celebrate the many ways babies bring out the best in all of us. Grab a tissue and WATCH THE VIDEO because you might cry!

As you saw, the video ends with a pledge: “together we can make life #betterforbaby.” Pampers hopes the video inspires people to share what they already do – and what they might begin doing – to make life better for the babies in their lives. Pampers is inviting people to share their pledges using hashtag #betterforbaby. We believe these small changes can add up to a big impact.

Making life better for my baby
 Each pledge is an individual promise of how someone can make a little difference in helping to make life #BetterforBaby. It could be something as simple as pledging to sing or read to baby, to exercise more, or to donate things your baby outgrows to charity.

Making life better for my baby

I did my pledge as you can see, do it today using the hashtag #BetterforBaby.
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  1. Maria Beas says:

    I always try to spend quality time with my children and provide them with a colorful environment. I also try to make life #Betterforbaby by saving as much water as possible and by starting to save some money for my children’s education. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. ana b says:

    I hug him everyday and give him all my love and show him respect and good maners for his future

  3. Lupita m says:

    I’m always looking for best way to love my kids and enjoy many fun experience with them also teaching them our family values.

  4. Ashley Bollinger says:

    My fiancée and I decided to try to have a baby after his grandfather passed away. That huge event really made us realize how short life was. It took us 6 months to get pregnant and now we have a little man on the way in November. Ever since then every decision we have made is for the baby, even down to letting the little arguments slide and choose to just love each other.

  5. Mayela says:

    Making life better for my baby dedicating quality time preparing their food, buying things that help you for your growth, teaching and making memories for a lifetime. giving all my love and affection.

  6. Veronica C. says:

    I also try to do anything fun to keep my son active and happy.

  7. Kelsey says:

    I’m making life #betterforbaby by constantly becoming the best version of myself, for her. With a sound mind and body I can make the best decisions and provide the best life for my sweet baby.

  8. My promise is #BETTERFORBABY As first- time mother from birth Give breastfed , by devoting my attention full time to teach the be excellent human being , of playing her , guiding her on track A foster good values ??to life loves nature and That Especially and parent . thanks for the draw

  9. My promise is #BETTERFORBABY As first- time mother from birth Give breastfed , by devoting my attention full time to teach the be excellent human being , of playing her , guiding her on track A foster good values ??to life loves nature and That Especially and parent . thanks for the draw

  10. Ericka Coello says:

    I try to meet my baby’s needs rather than his ‘wants’. Balance is the key, a little hard to do

  11. Maria C says:

    I will spend more quality time with my kids. Let them be kids and prioritize them. Less worry & enjoy each day with them.

  12. Patricia says:

    Spending quality time with my baby is the best.