Lose Weight-Win Money and help a kid #Project10

This is not a paid post. I’m a Visalus Ambassador.

You know the battle to loose weight is no fun and the hardest part is the beginning, we are starving and we are looking for motivation everywhere!

That’s why I love  the “Project 10 Kids” initiative which gives you a specific goal of losing 10 pounds because the secret to your Challenge success lies in the first 10 pounds. Everybody who loses 10 pounds really wins!

visalus project 10 kids

YOU could be chosen as one of 10 $1,000 Weekly Winners!

With  “Project 10 Kids” initiative  you can loose 10 pounds  or add 10 pounds of lean muscle  and here’s your motivation, if you reach your goal,  you could be chosen as the weekly winner of $1,000!

But there’s more! if you reach your goal,  30 Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake meals will be delivered to a child in need through the Vi-Community Challenge and ViSalus will match you shake for shake, doubling your gift to 60 kid-sized shake meals for an at-risk child. You can also donate a box of their Nutra-Cookies, and ViSalus will match you cookie for cookie.

Did you know

ONE in THREE American kids and teens is overweight or obese, this according to the American Heart Association. “  “Project 10 Kids” initiative is helping kids “In need” to get  get on the path to a healthier life.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Join The Challenge by selecting 1 of 5 Challenge Kits
  • Click “Enter to Win” at challenge.com to upload a valid “i WANT it” Starting video.
  • Return to challenge.com when you’ve lost or built 10 lbs and submit your valid “i LOST it” or “i BUIL it”  entry video.
  • Enter by Thursday and find out every Monday when Visalus  reveals there 10 $1,000 winners!

 visalus project 10 kids tshirt

Brag about hitting your fitness goal AND helping a child in need.

If you enter “Project 10 Kids” and follow the guidelines (entering the videos) you then automatically get a T-shirt that says “i LOST it” (if you lost 10 pounds )or an “i BUILT it” T- shirt (if you built 10 pounds of muscle) on the front and in th back it says, “And a Child Wins” How cool is that!

And you can continue helping kids “In need” while you loose weight or add muscle. If you already hit your fitness goal last month, no problem! You can still donate 30 kid-sized shakes

Summer is just around the corner and you know YOU want to look awesome in that new bathing suit and not only that!


LOOK BETTER! Slimmer, Leaner and Sexier.

FEEL BETTER! Healthier, Stronger and Energized.

BE BETTER!  Smart”

What are you waiting for?

Start working on your “Project 10″ video Today

and change your and a kid’s life!

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  1. I love that tag line, “losing a little can mean a lot.” What a great program. I love the component of raising awareness of kid’s health while getting healthy yourself.

  2. FaVe Mom says:

    Tania this is great that you’re bringing awareness to this situation. I’m currently participating in Crossfit and on a Paleo Diet to lose weight myself.

  3. 10 lbs. to lose AND I get to help kids? Sounds great. I’m working on it, since that’s how much I seem to need to lose. Thanks for the inspiration.