Lets Swapnotes with Nintendo 3DS

I can’t believe the summer is almost over, I guess we’ve been so busy having so much fun, swimming, at the beach, riding our bikes and of course creating and enjoying our own “summer camp” Nintendo 3DS experience at home, that we didn’t realize summer is winding down, but we still have a few weeks left and I can assure you we will enjoy them to the extreme!

But since we have to start getting back into our school routine I was looking for an activity to wind down the kids after spending the whole day at the beach or riding our bikes and  I was so excited to find out you can create and send notes with Nintendo 3DS free application SwapNote and you can send those notes to your friends via SpotPass, either from across the room or across the world.

As you know children love to draw anything anywhere, specially my oldest who’s learning to write and read, he spend the whole day writing his name on the Swapnote application,

You can choose from different stationary and be as creative as you want.

He even made his text and drawings pop out using the 3D pen

With Swapnote you can add pictures, for example, my oldest wanted to show his friends his favorite car, so he took a picture of the car with his Nintendo 3DS and  draw himself.

One your notes are ready send them away  using Spotpass which allows your Nintendo 3DS to automatically connect to a wireless internet access point, even while in sleep mode.

Another fun part is, that the more Swapnotes you send and receive, the more fun options you’ll have access to, such as,

You can record up to five seconds of audio with the Nintendo 3DS Sound application and add it into your note to send a talking or musical note.

Swapnote it’s a great tool to help us round up the summer, they can share photos of what they did during the summer.

And how they’re getting ready to go back to school and start the excitment of seeing their friends again!

Every week I’ll share with you, tips and ideas on how to keep the kids entertained at home this summer while using Nintendo 3DS, from at-home tournaments to interactive group gaming through the Nintendo 3DS multiplayer features that can help keep kids entertained and engaged. Trust me, your kids will love it and you won’t go crazy this summer trying to keep them entertained.

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Disclosure: This is a compensated post, I’m part of the ” Tres Meses de 3DS Campaign” besides the compensation, I received two Nintendo 3DS consoles and 3 games, including Mario Kart 7, but as always my opinions are solely mine.

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  1. Lori C. says:

    Cool, will download SwapNote on our 3DS. Do you know if messages can only be sent to other DS’s or can they be sent to an e-mail/text # as well?

  2. Ericka says:

    This is perfect for my son. I’m trying to get him to write and trace a bit more. This will definitely keep his interest.

  3. Eva Smith says:

    Love swapnotes! Will definitely check it out.

  4. My boys love playing with theirs! My son’s current favorite is the animation on the Colors 3D.

  5. I can’t wait to check this out for my kids! Thanks!!