Learning While Having Fun at SeaWorld, Behind-the-Scenes Tour.

SeaWorld Adventure camp

We recently had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes tour at SeaWorld San Diego where my children and I got to see first hand all the hard work SeaWorld does to not only offer the best shows and exhibitions at the park, but to rescue animals, such as; sea lions, sea turtles and more.

seaworld tour

Here are some of the facts about SeaWorld we learned during our behind the scenes tour:

  • Every 3 hours SeaWorld employees check the tanks for oxidant levels.
  • To conserve water, they reuse the water during the Shamu show splashes.
  • SeaWorld treats the salt water and puts it back on mission bay, which is better than the water they receive.

Seaworld behind the scenes tour

  • SeaWorld also works very hard to keep our beaches clean, every year they conduct beach clean ups at mission bay and collect over 7,000 pounds of food and recycle thousands of bottle caps they found at the beach.
  • SeaWorld NEVER says no to the animals! They always make room for animals they rescue.

seaworld behind the scenes tour

In this video I show you some of the things you to get to see and do during a behind the scenes tour at SeaWorld. And since kids learn much better while having fun during this tour my children learned so much about sea animals and the importance to take care of them and we didn’t have to travel a thousand miles away to see these amazing animals up close and personal! WATCH THE VIDEO!


Remember that children learn a lot faster when they’re having fun, that’s why SeaWorld camps are a great idea I personally can’t wait to sign up my boys to one of the amazing camps SeaWorld, such as; Family fun sleepover, resident, career camp and lots more! Check them all out here: SeaWorld Camps and Educational Programs

seaworld behind the scenes tour

This behind the scenes tour was part of a blogger symposium where we also got to ask questions about the controversial movie Blackfish. This is the official statement from SeaWorld:

We object to Blackfish because its two central premises are wrong: (1) that life at SeaWorld is harmful for killer whales and for trainers working with these animals, and (2) that SeaWorld has attempted to cover up the facts surrounding the tragic death of trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010, as well the history of Tilikum, the killer whale involved in that accident.  Nothing could be further from the truth. To read the full statement click here: Why “Blackfish” is Propaganda, not a Documentary

Blackfish controversy

During the Q&A about Blackfish one of the Orca trainers was present, who and said,  “Tilikum’s son is at SeWorld San Diego and he’s sweet, so the orca’s behaviour is not genetic” She also said the accident was unfortunate.

There’s was a lot of talk about Blackfish, but in my opinion, TV can be deceiving and EDITION can tell any story you want and in this case I think that play big part.

“We are never to build an are as big as the ocean at SeaWorld but we create safe environment and take care of the animals,”said Michael Tucker.

SeaWorld San DIego tour

SeaWorld is one our favorite theme parks, my children love to interact with all the animals and I love that they are learning so much while having so much fun! So make sure to check all the fun activities SeaWorld has to offer by visiting their website, SeaWorld San Diego.

Want a behind-the-scenes at SeaWorld® and get a real insider’s perspective on the animal care and training methods that make SeaWorld an amazing place for animals and people alike. They have lots of different tour or an exclusive SeaWorld experience! Check them all here: Exclusive Park Experiences.


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