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Why I Love…”It’s Hip Hop Baby!”

As a mom of 2 boys, there’s no bigger inspiration than our children, and if that inspiration can help other kids, it’s even better. That’s how “It’s Hip Hop, Baby” was created.
‘“It’s Hip Hop,Baby” is for all children, but it was inspired by my son, who has a speech delay,” says Candi Carter,the founder and CEO of a series of educational DVD’s. Emerson, Candi’s son, was born with a hole in his heart . Once the physical issues were solved, doctors discovered Emerson suffered from a rare disorder called Chromosome 8p deletion, which causes physical issues, mental retardation and a severe speech delay. “We couldn’t communicate. My son knew what he wanted or how and would scream all day.”
As Candi says, she became the “silly mommy” and started making up songs with hip beat just to distract her son, and it worked. “If I was acting silly and singing, it would completely distract him from having a tantrum or crying.” She made or composed (sort of) songs like “walk with mommy,” to prevent him from running; “it’s bath time” and “brush my teeth,” and many more songs that would help Emerson with the little transitions in life that would paralyze him. “The songs helped him one, to learn the concept of the words faster, and number two, to make him do what I needed him to do.”
Candi Carter, a Senior Producer for 14 years of the #1 talk show in the country, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” wondered if her “It’s Hip Hop, Baby” beat could help other children as well. With kids from her neighborhood, Candi put together a video and post it in the internet. “I sat on these songs and idea for a long time and I wasn’t moving forward. It was my husband who said to me ‘why aren’t you doing it?’So, I did.”
This was 4 years ago and sales have skyrocketed. Since then, they have launched 5 educational DVD’s,and Candi’s story has been featured on CNN and other news shows.
Candi is working on expanding her business, and is about to launch a new video that will teach hip hop dance classes to children, “It’s the hottest thing right now, and moms will be there dancing with their kids.”
But why does “It’s Hip Hop Baby” work? “One of the fastest ways children learn is through play and fun, because when you are having fun, you create memories,” says Dr. Lisa Thornton, medical advisor to the project.” Plus, as Candi says, “kids love to see their parents act crazy and they want to engage with them.” Candi has also a 1yr old girl named Lily, and she says with “It’s Hip Hop Baby she has already learned her ABC’s.
Candi’s goal is to “bring the fun back in your family” and teach kids at the same time.
2/3 of infants and toddlers watch television an average of 2 hours a day, according to studies, so, if you’re going to sit your kid in front of the TV, why not have them up and moving with the educational DVD’s like “It’sHip Hop,Baby.” “It’s a great tool for families,” says Candi.

“It’s Hip Hop Baby” it’s a great Christmas gift for any child!

I definitely find Candi’s story inspirational, and it could certainly help other future mompreneurs, so I asked Candi what her advice is for moms who are thinking of starting their own business but might be afraid of taking the first step “The biggest obstacle moms have is fear. The way I do it is, I get up at 5am, look at your day and schedule in YOU, if that means getting up an hour earlier but you’re very passion it about your idea, you’re not going to care that you’re getting up earlier.”

Candi’s agrees that We (moms) are the problem solvers; “When something is going on at the house, we’re figuring out how to fix it. There are thousands of moms out there with amazing ideas, so my best advice to women is be that Nike commercial ‘Just do it’” says Candi.

Candi’s advice for moms couldn’t come at a better time. With the U.S unemployment rate at it’s highest, now is the time to find our passion. “Figure out how your passion could be a business. It doesn’t have to be full time at first, so keep your day job and add an extra hour to your day and work on what you like to do best.”

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