Latinos and Diabetes, a Crisis.

1 in 2 Latino children born in the year 2000, will have diabetes, this according to a study from the National Council of La Raza, a lot them will arrive at hospitals because the diabetes wasn’t detected early enough and the child has severe health problems, that’s why prevention and early detection is so important.

Rowan, An Example That Nobody Is Immune To Diabetes.

Instead of carrying a lipstick in her purse like a lot of teens, Rowan carries insulin injections because at 13 years old, she has diabetes, “When they told me I had diabetes, I was very scared and sad, didn’t know what was going to happen to me,” The eight grade student was diagnosed with this sickness a little more than a year ago after loosing 14 pounds in one week and fainting during a school camp, “Before we knew she had diabetes, she used to go to the bathroom a lot and was thirsty all the time,” says Alex Munro, mother of Rowan, “It’s not easy to be the mother of a diabetic girl, there’s moments when we don’t know if we have to take her to the hospital.”

Rowan has to check her glucose at least 3 times a day, but to take precautions, she does it about 8 times a day, “I can’t just say, I’m going to eat a piece of bread, I have to check my glucose before I eat, exercise or go to sleep,” says Rowan.

According to her mom, Rowan doesn’t have a normal life, plus the ups and downs of sugar in her blood make her moody, “And that’s when I’m the one that has to tell her to check herself, so I’m always nervous.”

 After discovering that her daughter had diabetics, not only Rowan had to change her eating habits, Alex, her husband and other daughter started to eat healthier as well,“ Now I count the carbohydrates in each meal, I thought it was only the sugar, but I was wrong.”

The worried mom says, since she discovered her daughter had diabetes it has been a learning process, “The best advice I have for parents is to find a good pediatric endocrinologist, don’t just go with your pediatrician, “says Alex who adds her daughter’s sickness was a wake up call, because she never thought her thin and active girl will have diabetes, “ For the parent who thinks, because their children are not obese they can’t have diabetes, my daughter is the perfect example that nobody is immune to this disease.” Says Alex.

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