Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Orgullosa


Hispanic Heritage month is in full force and full with celebrations, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been celebrating a lot being LATINA! Because you should be Orgullosa of being LATINA! And that’s exactly what my family and friends have been doing during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Orgullosa

Celebrating being latina with orgullosa

Orgullosa is an online community that looks to inspire and connect with Latinas on topics that are important and meaningful all while celebrating our unique culture. To highlight how fabulous we Latinas are, Orgullosa  sent me dozens of awesome products from Procter & Gamble to throw an Orgullosa Party! From mirrors, bracelets, a
variety of CoverGirl® nail polish and lipsticks, Secret Deodorants, Olay facial mosturizers, Orgullosa notepads and my favorite, the Official Orgullosa t-shirt, that says; “Soy LATINA y tengo LA FALDA BIEN PUESTA” don’t we look gorgeous wearing them!

Orgullosa products

You know Latinas like to celebrate, so I had 2 parties! (one is never enough right?) The first one was with my sisters , here they’re are trying different colors of nails.

Orgullosa heritage

The second Orgullosa party was with my girlfriends.

Orgullosa heritage We did our nails, During our Orgullosa Party, we tried on different colors of lipsticks, while talking about what makes a LATINA special, besides being fabulous of course! And we realized that we as Latinas have so many qualities; We are diverse, multitasking, multicultural, problem solvers, fighters, survivors, I bet we are missing some other qulities that makes us Latinas so unique, but I think all these are enough to make all of us Latinas feel special don’t you think?

Watch the video to see how much we during my 2 Orgullosa parties, celebrating Being Latinas!

For Hispanic Heritage Month, Orgullosa created a Shareable Photo app to celebrate your nationality on their Orgullosa Facebook Page! On the Orgullosa facebook page you’ll also find so many great activities planned for Hispanic Heritage month, so keep checking back!

Enter Orgullosa Heritage Giveaway!

P&G orgullosa giveaway

Orgullosa is all about celebrating how smart, strong and beautiful we Latinas are  inside and out and to celebrate our Hispanic Heritage every day, I’m giving away this #OrgullosaHeritage pack filled with of P&G and Orgullosa Products plus an iPod mini !

Use the form below to log in and enter the giveaway. Simply do one or more of the following nine entry methods listed on the form and earn up to a total of 75 points! Complete all nice entries to give yourself the best chance of winning!
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Giveaway will be open until October 27th at 9:00pm PST. Winner will be selected via random.org and will be notified via email. Winner has 24 hours to respond to our notification before another winner will be selected. Good Luck!

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  1. Pilar Romero Aguilar says:

    Estoy orgullosa de ser Latina, porque el sabor lo tenemos en la sangre, nos caracterizamos por trabajadoras, luchonas, capaz de cumplir las metas que nos trazamos y defender con unas lo que mas queremos. Poniendo en alto el nombre de nuestro pais.

  2. betty moreno says:

    estoy orgullosa de ser latina ,por qme encantan mis tradiciones y costumbres

  3. Mayela says:

    Orgullosa de ser latina por mis costumbre y tradiciones por mi musica y mi familia q siempre estamos unidos y nos gusta festejar nuestras tradiciones!

  4. daysi morales says:

    me siento Orgullosa de Ser Una Latina Maxica, Gracias

  5. cheidy moya says:

    lo mejor de ser latina y mi orgulloso,son mis raices de donde vengo. mi familia es lo que mas me enorgullece. y mas que todo el tener una falda bien puesta como latina

  6. Thalia H says:

    i am proud of being latina because of the fact that we as latinos can not know each other but will instantly bond over anything thats from our culture and the fact that as family we are always there for each other

  7. Gilda Campos says:

    Me enorgullese ser latina por mi idioma, raices y tradiciones.

  8. Lilyana Cruz says:

    Mis tradiciones y costumbres es lo que me hace sentir orgullosamente latina!!!

  9. Deb K says:

    I am not Latino,but my grandchildren are and they are very proud of their heritage. My granddaughter just starting talking Spanish and it is so cute!!

  10. Isabel says:

    Lo que me hace sentirme orgullosa son mis raices mi cultura familia comida musica bueno infinidad de cosas
    Gracias Por el Sorteo