Knotts Spooky Farm, 5 Reasons to Visit

5 reasons to visit knott's spooky farm

My kids love Halloween but not the scary monsters, that’s why they love Knott’s Spooky Farm at  Knott’s Berry Farm which happens every weekend in October and is geared for kids ages 3-11.
5 reasons to visit knott's spooky farm 2

The event is  non-scary where kids get to enjoy different activities from making their own Halloween mask, walk through the Spooky Holllow Maze and encounter lots of non-scary surprises , Kids can take part in “Snoopy’s Costume Contest and Dance Party” and also visit the Camp Spooky Theater to view “The Monsters are Coming, Charlie Brown”, a new Halloween show where everyone will be singing and dancing in the aisles to all their favorite Halloween tunes, Ghost Town Trick or Treating, see some very creepy critters and the best of all meet the  Peanuts gang! 

Since my kids were so excited, they are the ones who tell you the 5 Reasons to visit Knott’s Spooky Farm!  WATCH THE VIDEO!


You can enjoy Knott’s Spooky Farm until November 1st 2015. Admission to Knott’s Spooky Farm is included with your Knott’s Berry Farm admission or Season Pass. For more information visit: Knott’s Spooky Farm 

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