I won’t try to be the Perfect Mom in 2013

Being a mom is no amusement park, well is actually like a rollercoaster, sometines you’re up and sometimes you’re down.

As a working mother of 2 boys i live with guilt because i’m not the perfect mom for my children,

so this 2012 i decided to try to be the Best mom i can, here’s how i plan to accomplish my goal.

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  1. There’s a lot of freedom in being imperfect.

  2. Being a perfect mom is impossible. Even trying is pointless. I just hope to be a really good mom.

  3. Silvia says:

    Long time ago I stopped trying to be the perfect mom, now both my kids and I are happier. I do however trying to make time for them individually, some days with one kid other days with my other son, they enjoy this special time with mama!

  4. Caryn B says:

    I agree with Christina. Perfectionism is overrated and I’d rather be the best mom I can be….imperfect as they come!

  5. Sharlene says:

    Perfection is boring and intimidating.Be the best you can be my friend!

  6. You’re kids won’t remember all the ways you screwed up. They will remember the times you spent with them, quality time where you REALLY engaged with them. Or at least this is what moms have told me. ; )Good for you to make a point of interacting with them at the park. I often fiddle with my iPhone when I take my little man to the park and you are right. I need to relish those times because they won’t always be there. Thanks for the reminder.