How to combat an allergy face #ALLERGYFACE

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how to combat allergy face with zyrtec

I love spring because the days are longer and warmer and I can take  long runs just as the sun is coming out, but what I hate about this season are allergies because they basically stop me from doing everything. When allergies attack,  I feel and look so bad, I seriously think allergies are even worst than colds.

What’s even worst,  is that allergies not only affect how I feel, but how I look, having an allergy face is no fun.  What’s the point of wearing mascara if my eyes are watery, not even 20 layers of powder can cover my red nose and no blush will make my puffy face look better.

And I’m not alone, maybe you’re one of the  96 percent of women who  experience ALLERGY FACE™ when suffering from allergies, this according to a recent survey by the makers of ZYRTEC®,

That’s why I was so excited to hear, that the makers of ZYRTEC® have partnered with beauty and fashion expert, Carmen Ordoñez from, to help women look their best despite their allergies and combat “ALLERGY FACE™”

The makers of ZYRTEC® have released video number #1  of a three-part, bilingual video series on, in which Carmen shares her personal beauty tips to take on ALLERGY FACE™ beauty challenges.

Watch the video below to learn about Carmen’s personal beauty tips on how to beat the dreaded ALLERGY FACE™

Since I’ve been suffering from allergies for several years now, I know exactly when I’m about to get sick so here are a few tips of my own to feel and look better when suffering from allergies;

  1. At the first allergy sign, take Antihistamine like ZYRTEC, you don’t have to suffer!
  2. Drink lost of water. Drinking extra liquid can help thin the mucus in your nasal passages  and will give you relief.
  3. Avoid going outside, the sun just makes the allergies feel worst and  close doors to help keep pollen and other outdoor allergens out of your home.
  4. Use a  nasal rinse is a must! This will help clean mucus from your nose and can help relieve nasal allergy symptoms. Doing this at least once per day will not only make you feel better, you will look better!

Make sure to follow the ALLERGY FACE™ tips to look your best.   For more great tips and future videos follow ZYRTEC on Facebook here.

 Suffering from allergies shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life and looking fabulous any season! Do you suffer from ALLERGY FACE™ ? What are your tips to combat ALLERGY FACE™? Would love to hear from you.

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  1. Thanks for the input Tania! I’m fortunately I have no allergies. But sometimes I wish I did have an allergy to desserts!

  2. Yanira Garza says:

    I’ve seen this video and honestly forgot about it. My allergies have been slowly killing me all day. I’ll be sure to use these tips.

  3. Linsey Knerl says:

    We use this with my son, who couldn’t find anything to work for his allergies. It’s been such a blessing!

  4. Justine Burgess says:

    Great tips! I’m allergic to pretty much everything, it seems.

  5. Alma says:

    Great Tips for allergies. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  6. To make your eyes seem brighter and more vibrant, apply a cooling eye balm such as Boscia Super Cool Depuffing Eye Balm (, $26). Follow this with a light diffusing concealer (or you can even apply a dab of highlighter under your regular concealer) to mask the dark circles that come with bad allergies. Make the whites of your eyes seem brighter by applying navy blue eyeliner and mascara instead of black or brown. During allergy season, your makeup should be kept to a minimum, because heavy makeup can actually accentuate symptoms or even aggravate your allergies.

  7. Tanya says:

    Thankfully I don’t have crazy allergies. I’m glad to know of this product!