How I Find my Bliss.

I’m not going to lie to you, every beginning of the year is very difficult for me and i have to try very hard to get motivated and go back to the routine, i guess this happens to a lot of people after the Holidays when you can basically eat and do what you please.

Today, January 3rd, my kids went back to school and i went back to work and to tell you the truth this morning i was vey unhappy, i didn’t even want to get up and start the day, but like any other mom, i did it because i had to.

I was changing my clothes and i was deciding between running (what i do every morning) or driving to my kid’s school, at that moment i said, i need to do something that makes me feel good, and exercising is one of those things because, after i’m done running i feel rejuvenated and energized, so i did, i ran for 1 hr.

Doing something that i really enjoy is how i find my bliss, that’s why this afternoon after i picked up my kids from school we went to the beach, (Remember i live in San Diego, California) I sat and watched my kids play on the sand, i decided to get up and play with them  and i felt so happy that made me realized how fortunate i’m to have two wonderful and smart boys, a job that i love (I’m a journalist) a home that i love to go back  every night and a husband that supports me 100%

I think the best way to find your bliss is to focus on all the good things that you have in your life and for me is my children, spend time with them, sounds corny, but it’s the true, i’m not going to say i don’t enjoy a day with friends, but if we are talking about truly, bliss that is spending quality time with my children and see them happy.

Another important part of finding your bliss is  solve the problems that are bugging you, because your worries won’t go away unless you do something about it.

As any other working mother, some days i feel overwhelmed with all my responsibilities and i wonder if other moms go through the same thing, thats’s why  my site is a platform for all moms to express themselves and inspire others to do the same. I’m not an expert, i’m only a Latina Mom, on my site i speak the truth and from my heart, my life is not perfect, i’m not a Perfect mom but everyday i try to be the Best mom i can and doesn’t matter how unmotivated i feel i never give up, because i’m a fighter, that’s how i hope to inspire bliss in others.

I thing by  sharing our thoughts we (MOMS) can help and inspire each other and understand we are not alone, we all have our good and very bad days but only us have the power to find our own bliss and inspire other moms to do the same.

For all of this i’m very excited to attend Blissdom 12 where i’m looking for  to get inspire and keep finding my bliss.


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