How I Embrace Latin Music in my Family

At my house there’s always music, specially Latin music and when I say ALWAYS, I mean Always.
Music makes me happy, puts me in a good mood and makes me forget all my problems.

I’m pretty sure my kids inherited my love for Latin music because sometimes they’re the ones who ask me to turn on the music and as you saw on the video they even know the lyrics better than me,  and I love it, because my  boys are my backup dancers and singers when I pretend to be  Jennifer Lopez and I dream of dancing with Enrique Iglesias and kissing him of course!

That’s why I was so excited to hear two of our favorite performers are  touring together! And you cannot only win tickets to the  VIP concert experience in Miami, The “State Farm® JLO & Enrique Sweepstakes.”  Will give one lucky winner a trip to Miami and the opportunity to meet Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias! If you were to meet this ‘Papacito’ what would you say to him? Me nothing, I would kiss him!

To participate in the “State Farm® JLO & Enrique Sweepstakes.” sweepstakes, you must enter on the State Farm Latino Facebook Page. The sweepstakes began on July 20th and will run until August 20th.

Also, at any State Farm JLo & Enrique concert, you can go to the State Farm booths to enter the ”State Farm® JLO & Enrique Sweepstakes.”

Disclosure: This is a Non-paid post, I received two tickets to the JLO and Enrique Iglesias concert , but my Love for Latin music is very true as you saw on the video.

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  1. We love Latin music in our house too. The beat always gets us up and dancing!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Your kids dancing around — so adorable!!

  3. Ericka says:

    Super cute! The best way to embrace music!

  4. Sharlene says:

    My daughter loves Latin music too. It is so fun to dance to!!!

  5. Im going to borrow some of those dance moves! I agree that music is a hugely important tool in kids daily lives for exercise an all around positive morale.

  6. That was the cutest video ever! Your boys are adorable and your floors? Gorgeous!

  7. pattie says:

    love the video! We’re the same way at our home. ALWAYS have music on. Loving k-love :)

  8. Love it! The boys in my car are always lifting their water bottles to the JLo song too! LOL

  9. Caryn B says:

    My kids love to dance!!!! And they love music…..Great video : )