How Divorce Impacts Our Children.

Getting a divorce is hard enough, but when you have children is even harder.
Jaqueline Garrido, Educational Psychologist and mother of 3 who’s going through a divorce herself talks about the impact on her children, how she’s dealing with this difficult change in her life and at the same time asks you moms for advice.

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  1. natalie says:

    I come from divorced parents. and it all happened while I was graduating from highschool. it was extremely hard and not sure we have still dealt with all of it and it is over 20 years. my parents did an awful job with it all they ran away and thought we were old enough to handle on our own. as a parent it is your job to make sure your kids are ok and can move on.

  2. Sharlene says:

    I wish more parents put this much thought into their divorce and how it affects the children. The fact that you have even considered your children’s feelings puts you high above many people I have encountered.

  3. Jamie says:

    I can’t imagine what that would be like. So hard…

  4. Caryn B says:

    I can’t even imagine….I am very blessed to have had both parents and I’m married to my very best friend…I do know what it’s like when my husband travels and it’s so difficult…. I can’t even imagine doing it all the time….and the kids….

  5. vanessa says:

    thanks so much for sharing and I hope you get through this hard time.