Heavenly Holidays in Lake Tahoe

Heavenly Valley New years celebration 2011.Photo Scott Sady/TahoeLight.com

Nothings gets you more into the spirit of Christmas than a snowy day and if you’re surrounded by cheerful festivities it can’t get any better.

That’s why I love Heavenly Holidays at Lake Tahoe! Where from December 20-31st it’s a non-stop Holiday party in the Heavenly Village. The two-week festival includes;  professional ice skating shows, ice sculptors, carolers, local artists and a 16-foot interactive snow globe where kids can get their photos taken with Santa and on

Heavenly Holidays lake tahoe

December 31 the party it’s even BIGGER, with an unparalleled New Year’s Celebration, featuring ice sculptors, an outdoor concert, fire dancers and a 9:00 pm ball drop and fireworks show!

I can’t wait to spending the Holidays at Heavenly Village for the first time! But just by watching this video I’m sure my family and I will have a Magical White Christmas!


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