More Halloween for Your Money at Walmart

Walmart halloween decorations

As I told you many times, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I love to dress up according to my kids’ costumes, I love to decorate my house and bake Halloween cookies, cakes, desserts, but what I hate is to go to a dozens  stores looking for the perfect costume or decoration and to spend lots of money.

walmart logo

At Walmart you don’t have to,because here yo get more Halloween for your money. On a recent trip to one of my favorite stores, I discovered Walmart has everything you need for Halloween and at a very low price, from awesome decorations to costumes, they have all your kids’ favorite superheroes as well all the accessories you need to complement any costume.

mart halloween decorations

I love this spider hair clip! And my son loved this huge spider which is not suppose to be on his head, but we had so much fun choosing Halloween decorations for our home.

mart halloween decorations

Getting ready for trick or treating? Or maybe a Halloween party, I found great deals on candies at Walmart and they have all my kids’ favorite brands.

walmart halloween

I’m all bout wearing Halloween inspired clothes during the month of October and I found the cutest t-shirts, pj’s and tops for the whole family! Personally I loved the skeleton top, looks great with jeans! Great way to get into the Halloween spirit, don’t you think?

walmart halloween clothes

The best part is, that although you, your kids or your home might look scary for Halloween, you won’t be scared of the Walmart receipt because as always they have the best low prices! So now you know, you can have more Halloween for your money at Walmart, no need to scare the wallet.

Happy Halloween!


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