Guided Bike Tour of Central Park in New York City (Review)

Central Park is one of our favorite places in New York City, my boys and I can’t get enough of this amazing park which is  843 acres! An Although is only 2.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide there’s so much to see en explore inside the park.

Guided bike tour of Central park in nyc
From Belvedere Castle, boat rides around the Lake, statues etc.. It would be almost impossible to visit every single corner of Central Park in one day, specially if you’re walking.

That’s why my kids and I decided to take a Guided Bike Tour around Central Park

David on guided bike tour in central park in nyc
We chose Bike and Roll which has several locations and the service was amazing!

Belvedere Castle on Central Park
My boys and I did not only had so much fun, we learned so much about Central Park and New York City and we visited all the iconic places of the park. Watch the video and see why a Guided Tour of Central Park is a must do!

Thanks to Bike and Roll for allowing us to review their Guided Tour around Central Park!

Guided bike tour of Central park in nyc
Michele our guide and the rest of the team at Bike and Roll were  amazing! They made sure everyone had a good time and we did!

For information about Tours and Rentals visit BikeNewYorkCity website!






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