Churros Dipped in Chocolate Covered With M&M’s

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March is usually a very special month for me because it’s my birthday! But this year is even more special because is Easter or Pascua (Like we call it in Spanish) My husband travels a lot and my family lives all over the country but on Easter we always try to get together at someone’s house and this year is my turn.

Churros Dipped in Chocolate Covered With M&M's recipe
On Easter we all dressed up very nice, sit at the dinning table and have a delicious meal that sometimes lasts 6 hours! Because we talk and talk, it’s so much fun! We are a “Big Familia”so everyone brings a dish or dessert and I’m preparing a traditional Mexican sweet with a twist” Churros Dipped in Chocolate a la M&M’s®!

My kids love churros and I buy them for special occasions and sometimes I dipped them in chocolate, they’re always a hit with family and friends. While shopping at Walmart for Easter-theme goodies I got the idea of  give it a twist to the churros and make them for Easter, so I bought a bag of M&M’s® in Easter colorsand a bag of Starburst® Jellybeans Easter-theme of course!

Churros Dipped in Chocolate Covered With M&M's ingredients
Our Pascua menu is very Mexican, usually chilaquiles with chicken or mole poblano, my aunt will bring another dessert but I’m making Churros Dipped in Chocolate a la M&M’s® .Making them it’s not difficult, but it might take you some time to put the M&M’s on the churros, but it’s totally worth it!

Churros Dipped in Chocolate a la M&M’s®


Total Time: 1 hour (15 Churros)

15 Churros. You can buy them already made at any Mexican bakery.

2 Cups of of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (Good quality)

1 Cup of Coconut Oil or Vegetable Oil

1 Bag of M&M’s® in Easter colors

1 Bag of Starburst® Jellybeans Easter-theme

15 Wooden Sticks (Skewers)


Churros Dipped in Chocolate Covered With M&M's instructions

  • Place the semi-sweet chocolate chips  and the coconut or vegetable oil in a safe microwave bowl,  heat for about 1 to minutes until melted.
  • Insert a wooden stick into the end of each churro, pushing the stick halfway in, leaving the other end exposed for use as a handle.
  • Using a spatula covered 1/2 of the churro with chocolate sauce.
  • Immediately after covering churro with chocolate sauce, start placing M&M’s® along the churro. Tip: Press the M&M’s® hard on the churro, once it’s covered with M&M’s® place the churro on a flat surface and let it dry.

Churros  Dipped in Chocolate  Covered  With M&M's how to place m&m's

You can arrange the M&M’s® any way you like, but try to use all the Easter colors o make it colorful.

Churros Dipped in Chocolate Covered With M&M's image
If you like you can add a Starburst® Jellybeans on top of the churro. My Churros Dipped in Chocolate a la M&M’s® don’t only look adorable they taste delicious! 

Churros Dipped in Chocolate Covered With M&M's display ideas
My Churros Dipped in Chocolate a la M&M’s® turned out to look so cute they could be a great Easter decoration! And there’s so many ways you can display them! In a vase using Starburst® Jellybeans  to hold the churros and for decoration, place a  styrofoam block in an Easter box and covered it with plastic grass and stick the churros.

Easter goodies at walmart for recipes
 Like I mentioned before, I found all the ingredients I needed  to prepare my delicious Churros Dipped in Chocolate a la M&M’s® at Walmart, where all the Easter goodies are right in the front of the store, they have a great selection of candy for Easter, it was difficult to make a decision which candies to get for my recipe, they have, M&M’s® Easter Sundae flavor which is exclusive at Walmart for a limited time and DOVE® Chocolate Eggs, can’t decide which ones to get? There ia special bundle offer when you get various MARS products so be sure to check it out HERE.

recipe for Churros Dipped in Chocolate Covered With M&M's
 I assure you, my Churros Dipped in Chocolate a la M&M’s® will make everyone’s Easter a sweeter, I encourage you to try the recipe and share it with me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook using the hashtag #SweeterPascua. I wouledalso like to hear how you Latina celebrate Easter or Pascua? What are your favorite recipes with a Latin twist for Easter? Can’t wait to hear from you!


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