Chocolate Abuelita makes the Holidays even more special

During the Holiday season I like to bake and I usually allow my 2 boys to help me, they love it! It’s a family tradition to make cookies, decorate them and watch a Holiday movie.

This time my sister Daniella who’s visiting us for the Holidays helped us and she actually did a better job than I do!, aren’t her cookies cute? And they were delicious!

But what made our night even special was  Chocolate Abuelita, growing up I have the best memories drinking a hot cup of Chocolate Abuelita, so I wanted my kids to feel as happy as I do when I take a sip of my mug of Abuelita, because it feels just like a warm hug, like “Un Abrazo”  a simple pleasure that reminds me of comforting time with family.

And my kids love Chocolate Abuelita ,  you can tell by this happy face

Besides being delicious, Chocolate Abuelita makes your life even easier with Abuelita Granulado and Abuelita Instant, just warm 1 cup of milk and add a tablespoon of Abuelita Granulado or a pack of Abuelita Instant and that’s it! The flavor as always, is rich and delicious but it takes you less than 3 minutes to make it, how great is that?

There are even decadent Abuelita recipes for holiday beverages that will have your friends and family members clamoring for more.  The lovable, traditional flavor of Abuelita can also be incorporated into delicious holiday desserts, like Abuelita Flan or Abuelita Brownies

Chocolate Abuelita Giveaway!

Chocolate Abuelita  makes any Holiday party even better that’s why I’m giving away a (1) Chocolate Abuelita Pack which includes Abuelita Granulado, Abuelita Instant, 2 Abuelita’s mugs and some other comforting winter supplies.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment below, telling us;

How do you spend the holidays with Abuelita, whether it is serving it at a  holiday party for adults or your big family Christmas gatherings, Reyes Magos?  That’s it, Good Luck!

Giveaway will be open until January 2nd at 9:01pm PST. Winner will be selected via and will be notified via email. Winner has 48 hours  to respond to our notification before another winner will be selected. Giveaway is open to winners in the US only

Disclosure: This is not a paid post, I received a Abuelita’s pack for review and as always my opinion is my own.

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  1. Bren J. says:

    I enjoy Abuelita chocolate on cold winter mornings.

  2. Socorro Luna says:

    Chocolate Abuelita is like no other chocolate. I prepare a gallon in a crock point and keep it warm all day for us to enjoy. I will get a box at the store along with the ingredients for posole and tamales. While making traditions, drink a cup of Chocolate Abuelita. When they are done, drink more Chocolate Abuelita.

    I work in the library and yesterday was Christmas Movie Marathon. The youth made cookies and cupcakes to sell. I saw the crock pot with Chocolate Abuelita to enjoy with the goodies.

    You just cannot separate us, Mexicanos y Mexicano Americanos, y Chicanos from our Chocolate Abuelita. Es muy rico.

  3. Isabel says:

    Yo Disfruta chocolate abuelita con un pan especialmente en estas fechas y tambien con mi familia en navidad y cuando estaba mas chica lo tomaba con 1 pedazo de rosca el dia de Reyes
    Gracias Por la oportunidad :)

  4. En mi casa hemos disfrutado La abuelita desde hace tiempo atras, especialmente en esta temporada de invierno, a mis hijas les fascina el chocolate y les encanta acompanarlo con galletas.
    adaliadelcompar at gmail dot com

  5. Mary Happymommy says:

    I enjoy it with Galletas Maria.

  6. Bo says:

    I love a hot mug of Abuelita chocolate on cold days!

  7. Gabriela Gonzalez says:

    We enjoy chocolate Abuelita on Christmas Eve when we are baking cookies and we have a nice hot cup Abuelita with pan dulce Christmas day when we are opening our gifts .

  8. GILDA CAMPOS says:

    Como disfruto de una buena taza de chocolate Abuelita con un bolillo o telera. En familia a la hora de la merienda se disfruta mas y con este clima, sin duda, la mejor opción… Aunque con un pedazo de rosca de reyes es exquisita!

  9. elle says:

    I have it before bed while watching TV. Gracias!

  10. betty moreno says:

    Yo disfruto abuelita con mi familia a mis hijos les encanta ,

  11. serrao joselina says:

    Por tradicion ya que vengo de familia portuguesa siempre los 25 de Dic y los 1 y 6 de Enero siempre tomamos chocolatico en casa asi que seria excelente unas tacitas nuevas que combien con ese delicioso chocolate abuelita!!! Gracias por la oportunidad!!

  12. Devon F says:

    Boy have I been missing out! I have never had Abuelita chocolate before! :O

  13. Patricia says:

    Abuelita chocolate reminds me of my childhood. I love this chocolate. It takes me back to mexico.

  14. valerie says:

    My whole family loves it. We drink it together by the fire :)

  15. daysi morales says:

    Por tradicion en Mexico por las mananas tomavamos una taza de chocolate con una pieza de pan y aqui en mi casa sigo haciendo la misma tradicion, gracias por el sorteo;

  16. Thomas Murphy says:

    I love having Abuelita on cold winter days