Brick or Treat at Legoland California.

One of my family’s favorite season is Halloween and my children love  LEGOS so Brick or Treat at Legoland is one my two boys favorite events.

This was the first year Legoland invited us and let me tell you something, my kids had the best time.

We were very fortunate to get Brick or Treat Hopper Tickets ($55) so we were able to enjoy the park in the morning before the Halloween Party at night. If you only want to enjoy the Brick or Treat Party from 5-9pm is only $25.

As soon as we arrived to Legoland we went straight to the rides.

First Coastersaurus at Dino Island, one my 4 year old favorite attractions.


Next stop, Volvo Junior Driving School, were we took a little break and had a snack, that’s why i couldn’t get my kids to look at the camera (You know with 2 children it’s a difficult task to get a cute picture!)

 Besides driving, children and adults can maneuver their own Lego boat at Skipper School, one of the Park’s most popular rides, so  get in line early when the Park opens or at the end of the day when it’s less busy.

As you can tell by the photos, my kids were dressed up as pirates and if your children also love to Argh!!! they will love  Pirate Shores which includes water attractions guaranteed to shiver yer timbers!

Brick or Treat starts at 5pm and of course  my kids couldn’t wait to start “Brick or Treating” so we went to one of the 3 Brick or Treat stations.

Now here’s a TIP,  this event at Legoland is very popular,  so YES  you will wait in line for good 20-30 minutes at the Brick or Treat stations, but since you can only visit 1 of the 3 stations with your ticket, my suggestion is to  arrive to Legoland a little bit before 5pm so you’re one of the first ones to start “Brick or Treating” this way the wait will be only between 10-15 minutes.

What’s a lot of fun is that along the Brick or Treat Stations you will find Kodak Spots like these ones, were as a parent you know “Is all about the pictures”


Of course their favorite time is when they are actually “Brick or Treating”

Don’t  expect  for your children to get  a lot of candies, BUT for them it’s all about the fun and for me as a parent, I’m a happy mom with not so much candy around the house, don’t you think?

Any way , at the end,  they proudly showed me their candies with a Scary-Funny smile.

After we were done “Brick or Treating” we went back to the attractions and since it was dark we decided to pay a visit to Miniland USA, where you’ll find  reproductions of seven areas of the United States, all constructed with 20 million LEGO bricks, BUT my children’s favorite is the newest Lego Star Wars where you can enjoy seven of the most famous scenes from the six live-action Star Warsmovies, as well as a scene from the animated series Star WarsThe Clone Wars.

My kids,  BIG fans of Star Wars couldn’t get enough of these amazing reproductions.

By this time it was about 8:30pm almost time for the fireworks and here’s another TIP,  you don’t need to stay inside the park to watch the fireworks, to avoid the crowd trying to leave the park at the same time after the  show, go to your car about 15 minutes  prior to the time when the fireworks start (9PM), get in your car and you can watch the fireworks from the parking lot, this is perfect specially  in the winter when is cold and you can enjoy the show from your car where is warm and cozy and as soon as the show ends leave the park, believe me it will save at least  30 minutes.

As i said WE, my family are big fans of Halloween and after this year of Legoland, specially in October!

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