Beatriz Acevedo, From Kid’s Radio Host to one of Hollywood’s hottest Producers.

In every city, at the coffee shop, the park, your kid’s school, there’s always a Latina with an inspirational story. A Latina who overcame obstacles and barriers and accomplished her dream. This is one of those stories I’m hoping will inspire YOU to take the first step to fulfill Your Dreams!

Beatriz Acevedo, From Kid’s Radio Host to one of Hollywood’s hottest Producers.

By Tania Luviano.

Beatriz Acevedo gives new meaning to the word perseverance, “I was never a good radio host,” says Acevedo, adding “But no one knew because I would practice for hours.”

By age 9, Acevedo had already been the official voice of Toys R’US and McDonalds and had her own radio show.  “I begged my dad to get me an interview with the owner of a radio station in Tijuana, Baja California,” The precocious girl thought a kid like herself  would be a better candidate to host a show for teenagers .”  Acevedo was the youngest member in the history of the TV and radio announcers Union.

This was only the first of many breakthroughs in Acevedo’s career. Today she is the president of HIP Entertainment, a production company that Acevedo founded in 1995 to change the perception of what people perceived Latin and Mexicans to be in media. “People think of us whenever something is going to be shot in Mexico or with a Latin twist and we do it by not having the sombrero and chile on the set a good example is the show,  “Mexican Made Easy” on Food Network. Also our characters have to be aspirational.”

From her humble beginnings as a writer for local TV stations in the border city of Tijuana to the Emmy award winning producer and host, her journey to Hollywood has been filled with obstacles and disappointments. But her drive to succeed and willingness to learn is what has made Acevedo one of the most successful producers not only in the U.S but in Latin America as well.

Since a young age, Acevedo had the Midas touch. She was 17 years old, when she  executive produced, wrote and hosted “En Exclusiva” Her first Entertainment show won 3 Emmys within a year, the first award of its kind for Televisa who  picked the show to air nationally. Acevedo moved to Mexico City.

Acevedo was only 20 years old when she was at the top of her game, producing several successful shows and interviewing everyone from Steven Spielberg to Madonna, but there was a problem. “It was a male nominated business and they didn’t like a woman telling them that something was badly lit, so they told me to chill out and I quit.”  Not being able to find a job she moved to Los Angeles, California.

Little did she know that 1995 would be the year that would change her life, It was a time where all the networks were launching their signal to Latin America and were looking for programming in Spanish, Acevedo decided to sell her car, shot a demo and went to the NATPE Conference, “I walked in and HBO and Disney had these huge signs, all I had was a small table, a monitor and my 3 Emmys, it was depressing!” But her creativity, innovative ideas and hard work paid off, Acevedo sold The Discovery Channel a series, “I always say I can do anything, even if I don’t. I’m a big believer of perseverant beyond talent.”

Today Hip TV has created over a thousand hours of original prime time programming for a variety of networks including; USA Networks, Showtime and Nickelodeon. Hip has also studios in Baja California where Acevedo says there’s so much undiscovered talent. “In Tijuana there are people that have been nominated for Academy Awards and today they sell clothing in the Tijuana Swap meet. What are they going to do, they don’t have papers to work in the U.S and there are no jobs in Mexico, it’s very sad!”

Acevedo holds her Mexican passport proudly, doesn’t want to have a dual citizenship and doesn’t get goose bumps when she hears the American Anthem, but it’s thankful for the opportunities this Country has given her and she is certain that even with hard work it’s a lot more difficult to accomplish your dreams in Mexico. “I’m happy that I can have a safe and unstressful life in the U.S, a life unfortunately you can’t have in my beloved Country.”


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