Back To School Walmart Challenge

Kids are back to school and dressing them up could get expensive, that’s why I took the Back to School Walmart Challenge.

With $75 I tried to create a week’s worth of styles for my 5 year old, take a look if I was able to do it.

Plus I’m going to challenge you to do the same and  create the perfect back to school looks for your kids, here’s a tip, before I went shopping I created a custom “closet” on the new   Walmart’s Back to school closet creator, it’s very helpful because you can create the outfits, depending on your budget and see how your creations look together, you should try it!

To make your Walmart’s Back to School Closet Challenge a lot easier I’m giving away a $25 Walmart giftcard.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1-Leave a comment below telling me; What’s your best tip for moms when creating back to school looks?

2-Use the form below to log in, (IF YOU DON’T USE THE FORM YOU WON’T ENTER THE GIVEAWAY) Simply do one or more of the following 5 entry methods listed on the form and earn up to a total of 65 points! Complete all five entries to give yourself the best chance of winning!

Good Luck!
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Giveaway will be open until September 9th at 09:01pm PST. Winner will be selected via Rafflecopter and will be notified via email. Winner has three days to respond to our notification before another winner will be selected. Giveaway is open to winners in the US  only.

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  1. Mary Happymommy says:

    I would go for some basic wardrobe items like jeans and cargo pants, and stock up on lots of graphic tees.

  2. Elena says:

    My tip is to choose comfortable clothes and shop on sales

  3. Suzie Williams says:

    Choose clothes that are comfortable and versitile. I’ve found that when I buy my daughter cute fancy skirts there’s only two or three shirts that look good with it. So the skirts rarely get worn. Buy items that can be used with lots of other items and not ones that look good only matched with one or two different things.

  4. Lameka Minter says:

    Keep it simple with cargo and jeans regular tees but mix and match for more looks

  5. Quinton Spencer says:

    Let them pick things they like

  6. Quinton Spencer says:

    Let them pick things that they like

  7. christine says:

    Make sure its something comfortable!!