Back to School “Mom’s Resolutions”

I love the summer, I mean who doesn’t, swimming, biking, the beach, vacations, you can relax from all the running around during school days, when you’re trying to add hours to the day to be able to finish all your chores.

This school year is a special one at home, my oldest son, David is starting Kindergarten

And my youngest Carlos is going to preschool.

So the list of things I have to buy for the new school year is long and I haven’t even started to make a list , that’s why I was so happy to find out Walmart launched Classrooms by Walmart, an online compilation of thousands of classroom supply lists representing schools in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., making it easier for busy moms like me, to get my children back-to-school supplies online and in Walmart stores.

For me the new school year, it’s the perfect time to get organized, make a plan, out with old and in with the new and i’m not the only one who thinks like this, 76 percent of moms with children in kindergarten to 12th grade consider back-to-school a time for a fresh start over Jan. 1, this according to “Walmart Class of 2012 Back-to-School Survey” Which also found out , nine out of ten moms make back-to-school “resolutions” in preparation for the year ahead, I’m one of them:

  • Waking the children up at 7:00am instead of 7:45am so I’m not rushing them so much.
  • Making a healthy breakfast, Everyday! Instead of opting for cereal, 61 percent of moms said they plan to get their families to eat healthier during the new school year.
  • Spending at least 30 min (1 hour is my goal) A day learning something new at home (Write new words, letters, numbers, reading etc..)
  • Make sure they get 8 hours of sleep, Everyday! Not only 3 times a week.
They might look easy to the “Perfect Mom” but between work and other responsabilities sometimes my schedule gets complicated and I sacrifice “Mommy time”
My children are not starting school for another month, but between new schools, karate, baseball, soccer, I’m already planning our days so the transition from “Lazy-summer days to busy school days” it’s easier not only on them but also on me, that’s why 2 weeks before the first day of school I’ll start our routine:
  • Wake up time: 7:00am, this will also put me back on my routine to excercise very early in the morning.
  • Learning activity time, you can download preschool and kindergarten activities from various sites on the internet.
  • Outdoor activity, Swimming, playing ball, park, bike etc. Look for an activity your children enjoy, this will keep them active and they will be tired by the end of the day.
  • Going to bed at 8:00pm to read a book.
  • Turning off lights at 8:30pm

One of my biggest resolutions this school year will be to Save Money, not on big purchases, but small purchases, those trips to the supermarket everyday, eating out because of the lack of time to cook , actually Seventy-five percent of moms surveyed anticipate that trying to save more money will be among their top resolutions this year and Walmart will make it easier for you, they will offer more than 100 back-to-school items for teachers and students at 88 cents including pencil pouches, lunch totes, notebooks, gel pens, dry erase boards and more. As a mom who wants the best for my children, as a wife who wants to save money and as a professional who hardly has time to wash her hair, Classrooms by Walmart, does make my life a lot easier. Disclosure: This is NOT a paid post, I thought this information would be helpful to you.

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  1. We love school routines! It seems to work best when you give everyone a week or two before school actually starts to begin changing the sleep/wake time changes. These are really good ideas thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Oh, I’m not ready for school to start yet. We’re just enjoying our first few days of lazy summer days,

  3. One thing I did differently this year waws I started my back to school shopping WAY early. I’m basically done now and saved A TON. Over the years there are things you learn that the teachers always ask for (like paper and pencils, etc.) and stocking up on those when they are on major discount (which is always long before most people think about the back to school shopping).

    Good luck… the next few years will be an adjustment!!! I have a 5th grader and a 4th grader… :)

  4. Eva Smith says:

    Love your back to school tips!