5 Ways to Say I Love You Without Breaking the Bank


5 ways to say i love you without breaking the bank
San Valentine’s Day (Even if you think is cheesy) is a great excuse to let know your loved ones how much you LOVE them. With our busy lives as working moms/wives is sometimes difficult to plan a romantic dinner with the husband either at a restaurant (Babysitter alert) or at home (Time to cook and prepare, when?!) Buy a gift (What to get him? don’t want to spend to much, don’t have time to go to the mall) For some of us, San Valentine’s Day instead of being a enjoyable day could be stressful, plus since my kids LOVE to celebrate San Valentine’s as well, I came up with these:

5 Ways to say I Love You Without Breaking the Bank.

Starting today Tuesday February 10th, I’ll do one of the things below each day for my husband and 2 boys until February 14th.

  • Surprise your love with heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast or dinner
  • Spell out “I Love You” with your soup or cereal
  • Write “I Love You” with lipstick in the bathroom mirror
  • Pack your honey/children a lunch with a cute note inside, you can even make the kids heart-shaped sandwiches.
  • Write cute love notes on post its and make a trail of post its to a final love note or surprise

Remember the whole point of my list of 5 Ways to say “I Love You” is to make it as easy as possible for you to show you LOVE to your loved ones without Breaking the Bank or taking so much time. We all know saying I love you and making our significant other feel loved is very important in a relationship, that’s why these 5 reasons and cute ideas about 5 Ways to say “I Love You” Without Breaking the Bank, your special someone/someones are sure to feel LOVED!

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