5 Tips to Avoid Video Games Obsession in Kids

Stop fighting with your children about the excessive use of video games such as Wii,  apply these 5 tips from a child psychologist to avoid video games obsession in children.

Also learn about what games are appropiate for your children, such as the newest version of Super Mario Bothers, Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9 has:

  • 80 new minigames with Mario™ and his Mushroom Kingdom friends
  • Your children will have a  blast with co-op and competitive play for up to four players*
  • They can travel together in fun-filled vehicles and experience all-new wild boss battles.

I promise you, that  everyone will be happy and you can even join them and let the fun begin!


This is non-sponsored post, i received a Mario Party 9 video game for review, so my opinion and my kids are solely ours, just watch!

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  1. Hi Tania — this is a really excellent post. I think every parent is trying to figure out how to handle the excessive technology available to kids. One note, your video was very informative, but just too long. It’s hard to keep anyone’s attention for longer than a minute (believe me I know, all of my videos are around the 4 minute mark and should be cut in half). I would just say, next time edit yourself down to a minute or two at most.

  2. Megan says:

    Oh man, I don’t think I made it farther than Mario Party 9. One of my favorite things to play in the Wii is Mario Party!

  3. I think about this issue all the time and wonder how I’ll employ these tips when it comes to all the different sorts of screen time. Kids are just in front of so many screens these days – it’s pretty overwhelming and makes me want to move to a ranch in West Texas with no access to modern day technology!

  4. Caryn B says:

    Awesome tips! We actually haven’t introduced video games with our children b/c I’m so afraid of them spending too much time doing that versus doing other things like playing, going outside, crafting, etc. I love the “set the timer” tip

  5. My son has not ventured into this world yet…. thanks for the tips at least now I’ll have tools going in.